High Taxes Drive Voters to the South

FBCStaff-There are many who believe the Civil War was only about slavery and not about bigger government and higher taxes. The Northeast elitists have looked down on the South and suddenly found their over taxed tax base driven to the South.

“Critics blame rising taxes in states such as Massachusetts and Connecticut for limiting population growth in the Northeast to just 15 percent from 1983 to 2013, while the rest of the nation grew more than 41 percent.

The biggest impact comes in the loss of congressional representation.

Deep in a recent report, for example, the American Legislative Exchange Council tabulated how the drop in population relative to the rest of the nation cut the region’s power in Washington. While the states from Pennsylvania to Maine had 141 House members in 1950, they are down to 85 today, a drop of some 40 percent.

California and Texas combined have more House representatives.”

read more from Washington Examiner

Now that the liberal policies of the tax and spend have driven away their funding they are coming to Texas to turn Texas blue?  Wendy Davis is a tax and spend liberal who will raise your taxes and turn Texas into another liberal state if elected.  President Obama is known as the welfare president for his share the wealth policies.  We don’t need a welfare governor, too.

Take your neighbor who moved to Texas for a job and educate him about who to vote for to keep Texas strong.  Keep Texas free from liberal oppression.

Are you listening republicans, it is about smaller government and lower taxes.




Missouri City Manager Update


FROM: Edward Broussard, City Manager DATE: September 26, 2014

Missouri City Ranked 16th Best Place To Live in Nation – In their 2014 assessment of the top 50 places to live in the nation, the Wall Street Journal has designated Missouri City as the 16th best place in the country. The reviewers with the Wall Street Journal reviewed data on the 550 cities with populations of 65,000 or more. Based on a range of variables, including crime rates, employment growth, educational attainment, and housing affordability, the WSJ identified America’s 50 Best Cities to Live.

Missouri City was the only city in the Houston area to make the list, with the cities of Richardson (ranked #17) and Flower Mound (ranked #9) being the other cities in Texas to make the list. The write-up on Missouri City is as follows:
16. Missouri City, Texas
> Median household income: $84,511
> Unemployment rate, 2013: 5.90%
> Median home value: $163,000
> Violent crime per 100,000 residents: 121.4
> Average commuter travel time: 29.5 minutes

Missouri City, a suburb of Houston, is one of the most crime-free cities in the country. Median income was $84,511 in 2012, nearly 67% higher than the state’s median income. While cities with high median incomes are often less affordable, the cost of living in Missouri City is only slightly higher than the living cost nationally, and the median home value was just $163,000.

Economically, the city does very well. Missouri City had an unemployment rate of 5.9% in 2013, versus a 7.4% national rate. Additionally, employment grew 3.3% between 2011 and 2013, which likely contributed to only 3.9% of Missouri City residents living below the poverty line. Missouri City is located in one of the most vibrant counties in the nation. Harris County has been studied by Rice University’s Houston Area Survey for over 30 years, in part because it “clearly exemplifies the trends that are rapidly refashioning the social and political landscape across all of urban America.”

read more from  WSJ

Got Drugs? Clean Out That Medicine Cabinet – It’s time to start cleaning out those medicine cabinets and junk drawers. On Saturday, September 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the Missouri City Police Department is again partnering with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to give the public another opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your medications for disposal to the Missouri City Police Department at 3849 Cartwright Road. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. Please help by spreading the word to your friends, family and neighbors.

Communications Director Honored As A “Woman of the Year” – Stacie Walker, Director of Communications, received an award from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) honoring her as a 2014-2015 inductee into the VIP Woman of the Year Circle for her excellence, leadership and commitment to her profession, while encouraging the achievement of Professional Women. Congratulations to Stacie for this recognition of her skills, talents, and spirit that she shares with our community!

Police Department Assist FBISD With School Checks – School has started again and that means school checks for patrol officers. For the second year in a row, patrol officers are conducting school checks at all elementary schools in Missouri City. The FBISD police department does not have enough officers to station an officer at each school and asked for the City’s assistance at the beginning of the school year last year. Missouri City police officers’ conduct a walk-through at each elementary school in their assigned patrol area, each shift. This walk-though gives the officer the chance to meet with employees of the school as well as children. It also gives the officer the chance to learn the layout of the school in the event they are needed to respond to a call for service at the school.

Skip School, Meet A Police Officer – The Police Department has again partnered with other Fort Bend County agencies and Fort Bend ISD to conduct truancy sweeps throughout the school year. To help put a spotlight on the importance of students going to school all day, every day, different agencies are focused on increasing school attendance and decreasing juvenile delinquency. The different agencies will meet at a different police department each time and focus on that area as a group.

Are You Allowed to Educate the voters?

FBCStaff-A statement about FBISD baiting and switching by showing a presentation about the proposed bond at a school’s open house brought out the pedants and wannabe lawyers. These self appointed experts in Fort Bend think it is ok to have a bond, but you should not allowed to talk about it?

Nancy Dunham
In response to all of the posts regarding the district’s discussions at recent open houses about the upcoming bond, the district is allowed to present information on the bond. They are not allowed to advertise it or promote it.

If any of you saw anyone in the district do anything to “promote” or “advertise” the bond, then I suggest you contact the Texas Ethics Commission by phone at (512) 463-5800 or through their website at www.ethics.state.tx.us.

“(b) This section does not apply to a communication that factually describes the purposes of a measure if the communication does not advocate passage or defeat of the measure.”

How are the voters to learn what is in the bond if they can’t attend board meetings?

I, as a voter want as much information about an issue to know how to vote.  Handouts, presentations, ads etc are accepted ways to get the details out.

If you  need someone to tell you how to vote, or will vote as told then you are the problem.  Getting the details out about the bond isn’t.  If Supt Dupree and the BOT didn’t get the details out, they would be remiss.

Dunham a moderator at FBISD Concerns, like Kris Allfrey is afraid of discussion so she likes to ban anyone who might disagree with her dogma.  Of course, Nancy can always go to her legal expert friend for legal advice.

Kris Allfrey I in fact did file a TEC complaint. It will be very hard to argue this ad was not meant to advocate for the bond. It is also very telling that there is no disclaimer. I still believe it to be “illegal” which is the exact accusation I made in the sworn complaint. The publisher has refused to provide the cost of the ad and was reluctant to even provide the information on who ran the ad but since it has no disclaimer one can only assume the district is responsible until proven otherwise. If the district did not run the ad and did not use taxpayer funds then my complaint will be invalid.

Once again, demonstrating a lack of impulse control and not getting the facts before reacting.

” If the district did not run the ad and did not use taxpayer funds then my complaint will be invalid.”

Threatening to sue and filing ethics complaints are a typical liberal reaction.  But don’t tell Kris he thinks he’s a conservative.

Again much too do about nothing by the easily excitable, the sky is falling crowd.

The bond will pass and it won’t matter how many ethics complaints are filed. The TEC is a tool used by the democrats and wannabe lawyers to harass.

Radio Czar Michael Berry’s RCC has Best Music Venue

FBCStaff-One year ago on October 4th, the RCC opened up the patio/outside area. After a great first year and far to many musicians and bands to mention, the inside portion is now open.
The crowd was standing room only with the overflow crowd out on the patio listening to Charlie Daniels entertain. It was a night to remember.

Michael Berry’s RCC has become the place musicians want to play. The crowd is appreciative and respectful. The staff headed up by the world renown Prez Jess DeSham Timmons, GM Edgar Alexander Gomez, Director of Southern Hospitality(DOSH) Morgan McDevitt,  Director of Hydration and Redneck Sommelier(bartender) Chris Colin, Rico the enforcer of niceness and many more behind the scene gave excellent service and the crowd enjoyed the entertainment.

It was a great opening and a job well done.
Come out and enjoy the music, fellowship, and friends.  The RCC is known for:

 Honorin’ Veterans • Respectin’ Wives • Lovin’ Country Music

Get your membership now @ RCC

Special thanks to Bert Harvey for his hard work on the build out.  Bert was honored, receiving a Charlie Daniel’s autographed fiddle and the hay ride section is now the Bert Harvey Hayride Section.

**Special Guest Nandita Berry the 109th Secretary of State was in attendance.

When You Suddenly Discover You’re a Democrat.

FBCStaff-We often hear from political novices that there are little differences between parties, when they really mean between some candidates.  There are major differences between parties.

This is how my Grandpa explained it to me when I asked him if he was a republican or democrat.  He said, “I hate democrats.”  “Why Papa” I asked.  He looked at me and said, “they’re like horse thieves.”  “Are all democrats horse thieves?” I asked.  “No, he replied “but all horse thieves are democrats.”   That pretty much sums it up.

John C. Maxwell in his book 25 Ways to Win with People tells us “to look behind us and if no one is following you then you’re not a leader.”  Dale Carnegie when asked to share his secret, he simply said “do not criticize, condemn or complain others it serves no purpose.”  Democrat Saul Alinsky, tells us in his book Rules for Radicalsa good community organizer creates unrest in the community but offers no solutions.”

After local political candidate Kris Allfrey has attacked and defamed almost every elected official locally including the FBISD Supt. and BOTs, he writes this?

Kris Allfrey  What a shame the predicament that we now find ourselves in FBISD. You see when you try to share the truth, when you try to let the community know what is really going on you will be ostracized. You see I now have an elected official in Fort Bend that does not like the truth being told so they have chosen to defriend me and then proceed to publish derogatory post and comments indirectly referring to me on their own Facebook Page. It is a shame that this elected official and others do not want to have a public conversation, they want to have it where not everyone can see it, especially the person they are posting about. At the end of the day I am not out to win a popularity contest, I am not out to make everyone my friend. When it comes to FBISD I have one goal in sight and that is to ensure that our students get the best education possible but I will not let the taxpayers be taken for a ride in achieving that goal. This district has had broken leadership and dysfunctional boards since at least 1991. I am not the first one to say that and I am sure I will not be the last. It is time to fix FBISD, we do not need more policy statements. We do not need more Consultants. We do not need more community dialogue meetings. We do not need anymore sales pitches. We need an Administration and a Board that will move the needle, that will provide an adequate education for the students on the east side of the district. We need a Administration and a Board that will provide adequate facilities on the west side with fiscal responsibility and responsible boundary decisions. We need an Administration and a Board that will deal with the Academies and how they deprive zoned students of scholarship and college admission. We need an Administration and a Board that will provide the CTE Training our students need today not another policy meeting about what we should do with CTE. We need a Board that will do the job of holding the district fiscally responsible and stop asking the community, in the form of a bond, for a bail out because they didn’t do their job in maintaining the facilities over the last 10+ years. If I offend the Administration or the Board so be it. Our future is on the line and all you want to do is keep planning, keep writing policy and keep misleading the community about what is really going on in FBISD. As they say on Bar Rescue, pull back the doors, bust open the books and make a call for help because if you don’t change soon FBISD will fail.

Does Allfrey believe people are not following him because he tells the truth?  Once again, “When you are so dogmatic that you cannot be doubted, it may be time to see what is driving you.  If it is hate it may be time to rethink your agenda.”  Then there’s dumbness, it can get in the way of success.

FBISD will not fail.  The problem is the public’s perception of public education in general.  FBISD can be a stellar district and I believe Supt Dupree is sincere and working hard toward that goal.  If we get behind him and the board we can make FBISD an example of public education done right.    It will take a lot of hard work and community support.

In Maxwell’s book  he opens with Start with Yourself and this quote:

“Your relationships can only be as healthy as you  are”

Russell Ybarra of Jimmy Changas and Gringos when asked for advice says surround yourself with positive people.

In Daniel Goldman’s book Emotional Intelligence he tells us successful people have impulse control and grit.  These traits are more helpful than intelligence or pedigrees and certifications.

Ayn Rand called them looters and producers in Atlas Shrugged.  So here is your choices.

We can sit back hating, complaining and race baiting like democrats.

Or we can embrace the republican principles of hard work, positive input, and a healthy respect for ourselves and others.







Time to End Public Education?

FBCStaff-FBISD BOT has taken their eye off the ball and turned from education to the bond. It isn’t because they want to it is because of a small group of detractors. The bond needs to be passed. Is it perfect no, but it works. Here’s what you need to understand about education:

“$29,349 Spent Per Student in DC, but 83% Not Proficient in Reading”

That is 4 times as much per student as FBISD spends. Do democrats want public education or public orientation?  Democrats want to raise the spending level here in Texas. Look at this chart: URBAN-DISTRICT-PER-PUPIL-SPENDING-PHOTO-300x256 Notice anything about the districts?  DC, NY, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, etc.  All controlled by democrats. read more from Report Card

Our founding fathers knew they had to restrict government when they wrote our constitution.  The 1900s opened with new progressive presidents Roosevelt and Wilson and their agenda of growing government.  Both believed they were restricted by an outdated constitution. It is time to demand a quality result from education.

If the schools cannot deliver it, should we change the way education is delivered?  It is time to get the progressives and their agenda of social justice out of education and put it back in the locals hands.

Time to look at all options including vouchers. $29k+ spent per pupil in DC and 83% not proficient in reading and 81% in math?  This isn’t broken this is a disaster. Is it time to end public education and the progressives social justice agenda?  Should we continue to spend more on education or should we take a hard look at education and change the way it is done?

Salt and Light Ministry

Premiering September 18, 2014 in honor of Constitution Day, the documentary:

The Birth of Freedom

For millions around the world who have never tasted liberty, the question cries for an answer…”How is freedom born?”

6pm to 7:45pm in

RM200 of West Campus of

Sugar Creek Baptist Church

When Hate is Introduced to Politics

FBCStaff-Ideology as defined by Merriam-Webster:

1: visionary theorizing

2a : a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture b : a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture

c : the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a sociopolitical program

A typical political ideology in America usually consists of the left/liberal or the right/conservative and is based on discussion of ideas. It works best when these ideas are debated, it breaks down when one is so dogmatic that they cannot be doubted.  Our system does not work when hate is involved.  We saw that in the 1860s resulting in the Civil War.

America has seen the progressives adopt Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the dogmatic end results justify the means philosophy.  This has brought us to today’s political environment and is backfiring and will result in a wave election for the republicans.  This will result in a correction and this is how our political system works.

But what happens when hate is introduced into the process?  We see the videos where humans are beheaded.  Who’s political ideology supports this type of behavior?  The tactic has backfired on ISIS and has turned the world against them.

But, hate is an effective tool to agitate and create unrest.  We saw it in the last municipal elections in Fort Bend.  Muni elections are usually non-partisan but the democrats are so desperate to turn Texas blue they spared no expense and mounted an all out campaign based on deceit and hate to win a council seat.  The democrats were assisted by a small group of malcontents who are also driven by hate.   This group used race baiting, misinformation, and smears to help the democrats defeat the incumbent.

This group of malcontents is now targeting the school bond.    They have no intention of listening to rational thought or compromise.  Their intent is to disrupt, cause turmoil and defeat the bond.  Some of you may have noticed threats by a group to block/ban certain groups from posting on their face book page.  So what, no one goes to their radical sites except them.  When you are so dogmatic that you cannot be doubted, it may be time to see what is driving you.  If it is hate it may be time to rethink your agenda

If you are turned off by these tactics then get out and vote this election.  It is time to stand up for our community and keep it moving forward.  The bond is well thought out and will pass.

Is It Time To Move On?

FBCStaff-Race baiters do not want to move on and we know why. They want to keep pushing this hot button for their political agenda. Saul Alinsky details the strategy in his book Rules for Radicals. Create unrest in the community but never offer any solutions. Bob Bailey, hubby of FBISD BOT Jenny Bailey, took a positive article about the golf course and used it to agitate. Does it matter to Bailey that some members of his group of malcontents, ie Tunstall and Pinnock also approved of the purchase at the time.  This was simply another use of an old topic to agitate. I understand the reason Bailey wants to agitate, but I wanted to high lite some of the comments:

“Kris Allfrey Notice how the Mayor does everything himself. His use of “I” is very telling about his real character and real desires. He is the only person I know that borrows $30MM+ to buy a business to lose over a $1MM+ per year in operations fee. Does not even mention he has not paid a dime towards principal and interest. Well at least the community got what they voted for a banker who has never used his own money to do anything worth while for anybody other than himself. He will use your money and take credit for it just like Wall Street Bankers.

This is a false statement as the LG’s statement showed a $300k loss the first full year of operation ending June 30, 2014.   This was based on numbers dated 06/02/2014.  This extrapolates to $25k/mo. total cost,  a bargain for two 18 hole golf courses and the City Centre. The goal is to break even and the staff should be commended for doing such an outstanding job.  There is no reason to expect they won’t do an even better job this fiscal year. Why did Kris Allfrey lie about the loss being $1MM+ per year if not to malign and defame?

Now Kris is changing his tune and claiming it was $451,998, dated 03/14/2014?  He overstated his original numbers by over $550,000!  Allfrey simply does not have a shred of credibility.  I remember the first time I was introduced to him, he was working a campaign for a local candidate, he walked in with a stack of official looking papers and loudly exclaimed he had proof that the candidate’s opponent have given a $500 donation to a local democrat.  It was a false statement.  He previous statement ” lose over a $1MM+ per year in operations” is also false.

Allfrey made this statement:

Kris Allfrey Mr. Miller and Mr. Owen should be embarrassed that they ever employed you for their campaigns and the fact that they continue to support your conduct is a discredit to them and the offices they hold.

after he made this statement:

Kris Allfrey

As many of you are aware I posted a video about Rick Miller. At the time I posted this I had not spoken with Rick about the video. Yesterday Rick and I were able to talk and discuss the video. After discussing with Rick we both feel there are a couple of things that need to be pointed out to clear up any confusion. I personally invited Rick to the meeting as well as did several other people in Missouri City. Rick attended the meeting because he has many friends in Missouri City. He was not there to take a side, but he was there to be a supportive friend to many. Rick is not totally familiar with what is going on in Missouri City because it is not in his state district. Nor is he directly supporting at this time anyone politically in Missouri City. Charlie Adaway is a friend of Rick’s but Rick does not in any way control nor does he have any impact with what Charlie Adaway does in person or on the internet. Rick is a friend of Danny Nguyen and has not been asked to be his mentor. I am posting this because my post was misinterpreted and I want the truth to be told clearly.

I’m starting to detect a pattern.

and this beaut:

Kasia Rezmer If the GC is a park, why can’t I walk my dog on it just like I can in any of the 22 parks.

Because a golf ball to the head might cause serious injury to you or you pet.  The city does not condone pet abuse, and walking one’s dog on the golf course during play is grossly negligent.  Does Kasia put a helmet on her dog when walking it, like Helmet Bob? ==>    

or this whopper:

Howard Moline This is s balance sheet so it is only a picture of the course’s financial status as of 3/31. So, after six years or so of operating, the course has a negative capital position and owes other funds (probably the City) over $600, 000?

The course completed it’s first full year of operations, June 30 2014.

When you make false allegations like “to lose over a $1MM+ per year in operations fee” or “six years or so of operating,” your agenda is exposed.  You’re not exposing the truth you’re making blatantly false allegations for the attention it brings.

Can they let go and move on or will they keep dredging up the past  like the race baiters do? 

Missouri City hosts public hearings on tax rates Sept. 18 & Sept. 22

At the Monday, Sept. 2 Meeting, Missouri City Council Members approved setting a 2014 tax rate of 56.5 cents for $100 property valuation for the 2014 tax year and 2015 fiscal year; and for a future vote at their regular Council meeting on Oct. 6. City Council will host two public hearings—one on Thursday, Sept. 18 and the other on Monday, Sept. 22 for discussion on the proposed ad valorem tax rate. Both meetings will be held at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall in Council Chambers, 1522 Texas Pkwy. The total tax revenue proposed to be raised at Fiscal Year 2014’s rate of $0.57375 per $100 valuation was $25,872,678; the new proposed taxed rate of $0.565000 per $100 valuation, including tax revenue that will be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year, is $25,492,573. “Revenue generated by the proposed tax rate will allow the City to fund the approved Fiscal Year 2015 budget and items that the City was previously not able to purchase,” Finance Director Wes Vela said. “These additional items include a $625,000 fire truck; $96,075 for a Coban In-Car Camera project; a $94,780 NICE audio recording system; and $108,231 for Phase II and III of Rocket Mobile Communications for First Responder Vehicles.” The proposed tax rate would be divided between Maintenance & Operation and Interest & Sinking: •M&O = $0.387093 per $100 valuation •I&S = $0.177907 per $100 valuation •Total = $0.565000 per $100 valuation Missouri City received Fort Bend values on July 29 and Harris County values on Aug. 25, which were used to calculate the effective tax rate of $0.544771 per $100 valuation. The values resulted in a higher-than-expected tax value increase of 11 percent. “Over the past five years, City revenue has changed from more than 80 percent residential and roughly 20 percent commercial to a 70 – 30 percentage,” Mayor Allen Owen said. “That 11 percent increase results in more than $600,000 of additional revenue to the City. This is a classic example of the decisions Council has made that are benefitting the City in the long run.”

By FBCStaff-One Missouri City malcontent said:

“He supports raising Missouri City taxes at .56500″

The truth is:

“In a recorded vote the Missouri City Council voted 6-0 to reduce the tax  rate from .57375/hundred in 2013 to .56500/hundred for 2014.”

The city council and mayor voted 6-0 to reduce the tax rate.  Showing leadership, council acted responsibly while still funding the budget to meet the demands of a growing municipality. Come to the meeting and don’t be misled by a small group of malcontents with an agenda.