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Diversity is a Liability Not an Asset

FBCStaff-If unity is a coveted trait of success why do some celebrate diversity over unity?
“America is experiencing a diversity and inclusion conundrum—which, in historical terms, has not necessarily been a good thing. Communities are tearing themselves apart over the statues of long-dead Confederate generals. Controversy rages over which slogan—“Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter”—is truly racist. Antifa street thugs clash with white supremacists in a major American city. Americans argue over whether the USC equine mascot “Traveler” is racist, given the resemblance of the horse’s name to Robert E. Lee’s mount “Traveller.” Amid all this turmoil, we forget that diversity was always considered a liability in the history of nations—not an asset.”

So why do some want us to be divided instead of united?

In multiracial, multiethnic, and multi-religious societies—such as contemporary India or the Middle East—violence is the rule in the absence of unity.

violence vs positive

History’s other positive example is the United States, which has proven one of the only truly diverse societies in history to remain fairly stable and unified—at least so far.

will America survive?

“If America is to survive this fourth century of its existence, it will soon have to recalibrate from “celebrating diversity” to “celebrating unity.””

We see it daily in our local city council, state government and in DC, democrats have divided us.  They must divide and destroy America to win.  Will we let them?



Judge Hebert Updates Debris Cleanup for Ft Bend

By FBCStaff-Judge Hebert informed us the debris cleanup was scheduled to begin the weekend of Sept 9th. Here’s an update from Judge Hebert:
“This is the county’s temporary debris site on Harlem road. It, and a second large site on Sienna Parkway south of Sienna Springs, are our two primary sites for temporarily storing debris. They allow us to maximize the amount of time debris trucks are in front of homes picking up debris. The second photo is a debris truck arriving at the Harlem site, and the third shows another truck unloading debris. As we wind down the debris will be taken to Type 1 landfills on FM 762 or on FM 521.
As of Saturday we have picked up 91,700 cubic yards of the estimated 500,000 cubic yards in the county.”

Are You a Legal Wizard?

FBCStaff-I’ve never met a lawyer who didn’t think they knew everything about just about everything.

Kris isn’t a lawyer, just a wannabe lawyer:
“Kris Allfrey No official rain gauge in the entire Houston area recorded 52 inches of rain from Harvey which makes the Mayors Statement false. I do not care how much you cheerlead, how many comments you make and insults you direct at me or others, it does not change the facts. NO ONE OFFICIALLY GOT OVER 51.88 INCHES ANYWHERE IN HOUSTON.”

That wasn’t what the mayor said, here’s what he did say:
“Was Houston, or any other City prepared for 52” rain, a Category 4 Hurricane, and two tornadoes? ”

What Allfrey is doing is known as hairsplitting. By focusing on a couple of words in a statement he is trying to change the meaning of the statement.  The mayor was generalizing how large and overwhelming the event was and Kris is trying to make his statement about only the total rainfall. He also tried to twist the mayor’s words and say Missouri City was unprepared.  Again the mayor was generalizing and asking was any city prepared for such a massive disaster.
Wordsmithing and hairsplitting its what legal wizards do.

I always thought they were dumpster divers.

Democrats Make Abbott’s Visit About Race

FBCStaff-It isn’t enough the Guv Abbott appointed a democrat to oversee a commission to rebuild Ft Bend County, it has to be about race too.
My Tx Representative posted this on facebook:

“This evening Governor Greg Abbott visited Fort Bend County to announce the creation of the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas to oversee the response and relief efforts between state and local governments to ensure victims of #HurricaneHarvey get everything they need as quickly as possible. Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp will lead the Commission that will oversee the rebuilding of public infrastructure — focusing on roads, schools, and government buildings in impacted communities. I spoke directly to Gov. Abbott about the specific needs of my district. I’m proud to say that Gov. Abbott assured me that he would make my district a priority! #TeamReynolds #HarveyRecovery”

and immediately drew this response:

“Cynthia A. Spooner JD Were any blacks seated at the head table or appointed to serve to your knowledge.”

Then this comment followed:

Don Bankston He lied to you. He used you. Are you going to embrace Trump next?”


So much for working together in Ft Bend County in our time of need.

FBCGOP Newsletter


Fort Bend County contractor to begin debris collection this weekend

From Media Relations Specialist III Cory Stottlemyer, City of Missouri City-“NEWS FLASH: Fort Bend County’s debris contractor will makes its first of three storm debris collection sweeps this weekend in MCTX. Each sweep will take place every two weeks. Use the attached images to help separate your piles for easier & successful debris pickup.

Construction and vegetative debris will be picked up first. NO bagged items will be picked-up, since its contents are unknown. Debris related to electronics & home goods will also NOT be picked-up by the contractor in the first sweep.

Residential & commercial property owners will need to move their vehicles away from the curb/debris pile-up to facilitate pick-up by the contractor. Additional information pertaining to debris pick-up and other recovery efforts are made available at”

Can Missouri City’s Decline Be Stopped

FBCStaff-Missouri City was one of the better managed cities in the area for a long time but the democrats have taken over council. The democrats sitting on council refuse to listen to the citizen’s committees often voting against the committee’s recommendations. I. E. the charter committee recommended the city keep their elections in May, the 4 democrats on council voted to move the elections to November. The council voted to use bond money for side walk repairs that the citizen’s bond committee recommended be used for street repair and flood control. One might think those are insignificant issues but let’s look at what happens when council members choose to ignore their committee recommendations.  Here is an example:
“In a report dated May 1996, engineers for the Harris County Flood Control District concluded the area’s reservoir system was severely insufficient and imperiled thousands of properties. The report’s authors proposed a $400 million fix: constructing a massive underground conduit that would carry water out of the reservoirs and into the Houston Ship Channel more quickly.
Had the report’s recommendations been heeded, the catastrophic flooding that struck Houston a week ago might have been greatly diminished, sparing thousands of homes from floodwaters.”

Yes Houston and Harris County floods from Harvey were preventable.  The elected officials were more concerned about their pet projects than flooding.  Do we need more entitlements or drainage, more sidewalk repair or drainage?  Let your councilman hear from you.  Drainage and street repair not pet projects like sidewalk repairs.



Allfrey is Correct Missouri City is in Decline

FBCStaff-In Kris’ latest rant he tells everyone the reason he is leaving  Missouri City is because the city in decline:
“Kris Allfrey I am really amazed about how naive many Missouri City Residents are. Many that have responded supporting leadership have lived in Missouri City for less than 5 years but even with the short time of living here and being woefully uneducated about the history of Missouri City they attack anyone that has the courage to point out the truth. Here are the truths.”

He is correct about Missouri City declining but he is wrong about the reason. It isn’t because of the mayor, the mayor has been a great mayor. So why is Missouri City declining? Three years ago we witnessed a campaign of lies and distortions led by the democrats with Kris and Missouri City Concerns to oust Councilman Danny Nguyen. When the mayor confronted the Democrat Chair about their tactics he replied, “its only politics.”  Councilman Nguyen lost by about 50 votes.  The day Councilman Chris Preston was seated Missouri City Council became dysfunctional.  In one of Councilman Preston’s first important votes he was the only vote against giving his voters a 1 cent tax reduction even though that was one of his campaign promises.  When Ft. Bend Star Editor Sudahalter asked him why he voted against the issue Councilman Preston said, “he didn’t understand the issue.”  How is that even possible? If you were at Councilman Preston’s town hall meeting two days before his runoff election in 2016, he acted like Louis Farrakhan wannabe with the black Missouri City police officers in uniform lined up behind up behind him try to intimidate any voter who challenged him.  That isn’t how we do things in Missouri City.

The following year Missouri City Elections was rife with more shenanigans.  A backroom deal was cut between seated Councilman Elackatt  and wannabe politician Anthony Maroulis.  Marlouis waited till the last minute and filed for Elackatt’s seat and Elackatt resigned the following week giving the seat to Maroulis.  Maroulis had run previously for an at large position losing by a big margin.  Maroulis had been on the previous city bond committee and when the majority of citizens voted for drainage control and street repairs he was pushing for a backup gymnasium.  During one of these committee meeting Maroulis told me and another committee member he would never run against Councilman Elackatt.  This was one of many lies Marlouis has told me.  Since Maroulis has been on council he has advocated for sidewalk repairs in his district over drainage projects for the city.  That shows he has bad judgement.

Both of these candidates were backed by Kris Allfrey.  With the addition of Councilman Preston and Maroulis, democrats now have 4 votes and usually vote to oppose anything and everything the mayor supports regardless if it is good for the city or not.

Missouri City is in decline on the way to becoming another Detroit controlled and ran by democrats. The reason?  It’s because of democrats like Kris Allfrey, his lies and smears against the mayor and other elected officials.  Missouri City can reverse this trend by getting rid of Councilman Preston and Maroulis.

Missouri City Council’s highest priority should be drainage control, not sidewalk repair or renaming streets etc.  Let your council member hear from you, next council meeting on Sept 5th.

Let’s make Missouri City great again, by helping Kris pack.


Let’s Help Kris Pack

FBCStaff-I remember when Kris Allfrey and Kevin Tunstall asked me to meet for coffee and informed me Kris was running for Tx HD-27 against Rep Reynolds.  They asked me to build a facebook page and be an administrator for it.  The purpose of the page was to promote rumors, false and misleading information about his opponent.  I declined of course.

“Kris Allfrey

I want to make a few things clear about this group. This group was started by Kevin Tunstall and myself when I was running for State Representative. ”

As Kris says he and Tunstall built the face book page Missouri City concerns to promote themselves and one other individual for elected office.  They then preceded to lose approximately 16 races between them, everything from FBISD BOT, MC Council and mayor races, State Representative races, and I believe Kris even ran for dog catcher a few times.  I mean everything you name it they lost it.  They have always been losers malcontents and pushed false information but with so many loses they’ve become even more bitter, if that is somehow possible.

Kris and Kevin’s face book page has gotten two Missouri City Council seats for their group.  Actually one didn’t get elected, he has never won an election in Missouri City.  He cut a backroom deal with a seated councilman, who resigned after the deadline giving the seat to Maroulis.  They are two of the worst council members Missouri City has ever had.  An example of how bad Maroulis’ judgement is, when the citizen’s bond committee in 2014 prioritized street repairs and drainage as the number 1 issue  he wanted to build a back up gymnasium.  His number 1 issue since getting a seat on council has been side walk repairs not drainage or street repairs.  This shows how bad his judgement is.   But he is Kris’ boy so bad judgement isn’t a factor.

Well Kris has made an announcement:

“Kris Allfrey I have very positive things to say. My house will be back on the market once the roof is fixed and I will no longer need to live in a City lead by an incompetent racist golfer. Thats very positive for my world.”

Let’s all help him pack and give us a very positive thing for our world.

What Happened to Annise Parker’s Rain Tax?

FBCStaff-With all the flooding in the area this is the appropriate time to discuss our politicians and their judgement.
“Citing the urgency of improving Houston’s roadway conditions, voters in 2010 narrowly approved Proposition 1, which implemented a “Drainage Fee” on property owners marketed as a pay-as-you-go plan to fund much needed drainage and roadway repairs. The fee is assessed on property owners based on aerial surveys of their property, used to calculate square footage of impervious cover, (typically concrete), which determines the monthly tax the property owner pays. The funds are allocated in a Robin Hood-esque priority model Annise Parker calls “Worst-First.””

so what happened to the funds?

In a 15-2 vote on July 9th, council members did exactly that: taking $31 million out of Rebuild Houston to expedite projects and resolve smaller neighborhood problems.  Of that $31 million, $6 million would be combined with $5 million allocated from a previous budget amendment to fully fund council member’s pet projects, for a total of $1 million per district.”

So the Houston politicians raided the funds for drainage and roadway repairs.  Why did I mention this?  One it reminds us of who politicians are and two a very similar thing is happening in Missouri City.  When the citizen bond committee met to discuss a city bond we listened to city personnel list their needs then prioritized the projects and assigned dollars.  The majority of the committee recognized the highest need was drainage projects and roadway repairs.  Two member were vocal and adamant for a second gymnasium, one was Anthony Maroulis.  I mention this because it shows his lack of judgement.   Four members of council have taken funds earmarked for drainage and moved the money to fixing sidewalks.  The council budgeted $2,400,000 to side walk repair with over 50% going to  District C.

This is the same thing the Houston Council did and it shows poor judgement by those who voted for it.

The area has had major flooding three years in a row diverting funds for pet projects shows poor judgement.