Olson Proposes Bill for More Local Input on Hosting Immigrant Children

FBCStaff-Rep Olson hosted a work shop and proposed a bill on hosting immigrant children.

“Flanked by six Fort Bend County’s mayors at Meadows Place City Hall Friday, July 18, Rep. Pete Olson (TX-22) announced his introduction of the “Our Communities, Our Choice Act” in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Sugar Land congressman’s legislation is designed to give local officials a larger say on whether their communities are equipped to resettle any of the large numbers of unaccompanied children coming to the U.S. from Central America.

H.R. 5138, introduced to the House on July 17, requires the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to inform municipalities if they’re being considered as a location for the young immigrants to stay, then allow a period of at least 90 days for cities to assess if they could meet the needs of the child population.”

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I support this approach to hosting immigrant children in your city, instead of a city installing a policy that will likely make them a target.  Give the cities 90 days to study the matter and determine if they can handle them.  Then the city can decide if they want to take them in and not the federal government.

Rep Gowdy Shows Us Why Organizations Fail

By FBCStaff-Non-profit or government organization say they’re different and cannot be run like a business.  Most businesses approach their plans with the end results based on solutions and many in government base their plans on regulations and compliance not solutions. Good leaders know all entities should have a viable end product.  Leadership with vision use a strategic plan to attain the desired end product with a team of employees who are engaged and support the plan.  Here is an example of why organizations fail.

Rep Gowdy addresses the  IRS Commissioner’s comment about low worker morale:

“If the folks like Lois Lerner and others would have spent more time working on the backlog, more time working on their case load and less time targeting groups and less time trying to over turn Supreme Court decisions that they disagree with….maybe their morale would be better maybe their back logs would be less.”

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When leadership uses the wrong criteria to hire and develop employees, quotas etc. instead of engagement and job fit to implement the plan.  We increase the probability of ending up with employees who lack focus and spend their time on non-productive activities. We see that in the IRS, some of the non-productive activities may include Facebook, blogs, political activities, etc..  Also a plan should be outward focused on the customer offering solutions instead of inward and self serving.  The probability of a plan succeeding is greater when employees fits the culture of the organization.  Effective leaders know that cultures like the IRS must be changed if they are to reach their goals.  They also know to change the culture, those who do not support the core values of the organization must go. The reason non-profits and government entities at all levels are so ineffective is failed  leadership.  The last block to building or changing the culture is implementation.  In addition to building a culture the management team must possess the executive leadership skills to implement the plan.    The quality of the plan is important but execution is more important.  General Patton said “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”  A plan that sits on a shelf and isn’t implemented it is useless.

Some use Enron and Katrina as examples of failed leadership but I suggest we look at the IRS as an example of a degraded culture that lost sight of its mission targeting groups and its commissioner as failed leader.

Missouri City Council Flounders Through Meeting

By FBCStaff-The council was sailing through the council meeting Monday night until they got to item 11a, a resolution for a small business policy. Not willing to listen to the voice of reason a motion to postpone and hold a council workshop by Council Member Wyatt failed for a lack of a second. This would have been the prudent action to take, as Council Member Emery was absent due to a medical procedure.

Council Member Smith wanted some kind of policy on record even if it had to be amended, made a motion to adopt and it was seconded. The floor was open to discussion and council proceeded to have their workshop in public.

Council Member Smith favored giving contractors and businesses owned by Missouri City residents an extra 5 points on the qualifying form. The mayor spoke in favor of businesses and business owners who pay taxes in the city getting the extra points. Council Member Ford spoke against Missouri City’s businesses getting the extra points and wanted to give all SBA contractors extra points regardless of location of the businesses or owner’ residence’s.
After discussion was closed the resolution passed and Missouri City has a small business policy. Now council will do a workshop and discuss the policy and if there are changes bring the matter back before council for a vote.

Council Member Smith asked the others be polled as to why they voted the way they did and was told to do that after the meeting.

The mayor wisely let the action play out so voters can see which council members have the city’s best interest at heart and which council members are grandstanding for their voters.

Under item 12 council announcements, Council Member Preston apologized to the residents of Missouri City for the illegal dumping in the Kroger parking lot on 2234.  I’m sure there are residents in that area who are very unhappy about the eyesore, but residents are going to have to have pride in their neighbor hoods and not default their responsibilities to the city.  The council member in that district and Council Member Preston should hold town hall meetings and inform residents of the problem and ask for information and their help in solving this problem.

Conservatives Not Welcome at NAACP?

By FBCStaff-Apparently if you aren’t liberal you aren’t welcome at the NAACP:

“As minimal and restricted as their presence is at the NAACP event, black conservatives are still met with open hostility by NAACP faithful because they fail to toe the Progressive line. Yesterday, conservatives Deneen Borelli, director of outreach at FreedomWorks, CL Bryant, a fellow at FreedomWorks, were harassed in the convention hall just because they are conservatives.”

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Intolerance and a closed mind still exist with many progressives today.  Let’s be real the NAACP is simply an arm of the democrat party and conservatives aren’t welcome.

Ex-Resident of Missouri City to Run for President?

By FBCStaff-Missouri City has had its share of interesting residents. One has graduated to the national scene and the far left in the democrat party are pushing her to run for president against Hillary. Some think this is just a ploy to make Hillary look like a centrist, while others think Hillary isn’t far enough to the left.

Elizabeth Warren was with us before she moved to Harvard U., as a native American.

Because of these entries, Harvard Law School had added her to a list of minority professors in response to criticisms about a lack of faculty diversity. Warren said that she was unaware that Harvard had done so until she read about it in a newspaper.

She found out from the newspaper?  Where have we heard that before?

“The New England Historical Genealogical Society found no documentary proof of Warren having Native American lineage.”

She isn’t a native American and it didn’t matter to the media, she won the Mass Senate seat.  Warren claims to have been a republican before she became a progressive.  She lacks credibility with everyone except democrats and the press.

Warren fired up the base with a speech touting progressivism.

She went on to outline 11 tenets of progressivism:
- “We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.”

- “We believe in science, and that means that we have a responsibility to protect this Earth.”

- “We believe that the Internet shouldn’t be rigged to benefit big corporations, and that means real net neutrality.”

- “We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage.”

- “We believe that fast-food workers deserve a livable wage, and that means that when they take to the picket line, we are proud to fight alongside them.”

- “We believe that students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by debt.”

- “We believe that after a lifetime of work, people are entitled to retire with dignity, and that means protecting Social Security, Medicare, and pensions.”

- “We believe—I can’t believe I have to say this in 2014—we believe in equal pay for equal work.”

- “We believe that equal means equal, and that’s true in marriage, it’s true in the workplace, it’s true in all of America.”

- “We believe that immigration has made this country strong and vibrant, and that means reform.”

- “And we believe that corporations are not people, that women have a right to their bodies. We will overturn Hobby Lobby and we will fight for it. We will fight for it!”

And the main tenet of conservatives’ philosophy, according to Warren? “I got mine. The rest of you are on your own.”

read more from National Journal

Progressives have an agenda to transform America. President Wilson introduced it to us 100 years ago, with an income tax, the League of Nations, a partnership with the unions, along with loss of liberties by growing the government.  FDR furthered the agenda giving us Social Security along with loss of liberties and growing government.  LBJ gave us medicare, loss of liberties and an every growing government.  President Obama has forced Obamacare and open borders on us along with mounting debt and growing government.

The US Constitution limits the powers of the federal government and progressives want to grow government.  Had enough yet?


Can Progressives Let Racism Go and Move On?

By FBCStaff-Atty General Holder in a speech said:

“I am pleased to note that the last five years have been defined by significant strides and lasting reforms, even in the face, even in the face, of unprecedented, unwarranted ugly and divisive adversity. And if you don’t believe that, you look at the way — forget about me, forget about me — you look at the way the Attorney General of the United States was treated yesterday by a House Committee. It had nothing to do with me, forget about that. What Attorney General has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What President has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?”

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In fact the republican “dog whistle” is so loud you can hear it when ice cream truck plays Turkey in the Straw when driving through the neighborhood:

“Can ice cream be racist? The question has lately caused a small dustup—and, as you might imagine, the issue is larger than ice cream. It is, in fact, indicative of a certain psychic roadblock in enlightened black thought of late.

It started with Theodore R. Johnson III, writing on NPR’s blog to tell us that when we hear an ice cream truck play “Turkey in the Straw,” we must understand that the tune has racist origins. Johnson points out that when ice cream trucks started playing the tune in the 1920s, it was not long after the tune had been tricked out repeatedly with racist lyrics—including a minstrel-show perennial called “Zip Coon,” not to mention an awful pre-World War I version he unearthed with the lyric “Nigger Love a Watermelon, Ha Ha Ha.” Furthermore, because ice cream parlors played minstrel songs in the nineteenth century, people in the 1920s and 1930s would have associated “Turkey in the Straw” with its unsavory alternate versions. In response to Johnson, I wrote that by the time those trucks existed, people thought of the tune as simply “Turkey in the Straw,” a song about the farm. No evidence exists that ice cream parlors were ever sites uniquely associated with racist music.”

Some choose to live in the past and insist that all of us do.  But others say it is time to move on, let go of the past and live in today’s real world:

“But shouldn’t we focus on race as it exists in the only real world we will ever know—where there has never been a way to settle old scores perfectly, but in the end, what matters is getting over? Change happens, if slowly. As blacks in America move on, we can admit that sometimes, an ice cream jingle is just an ice cream jingle.”

read more from John H.McWhorter

America is viewed by some to be oppressive and they refuse to recognize America’s exceptionalism.  Some view America as the greatest nation due to our American exceptionalism.  If one allows their self doubts and negative views to influence them they define themselves as victims and limit their successes.  But if one seeks out positive influences and refuse to be victims their chances of success is greater. Your outlook defines you.


Tx Rep Miller Hosts Campaign Kickoff Meeting July 28th

Dear Precinct Chairs, Nominated Precinct Chairs and Candidates on the Fort Bend County Republican ballot for the General Election 2014,

(Chairman Gibson…please forward to all of the candidates for me. I will follow-up with all of them.)

We have finally arrived at the time to launch our campaign for District 26 and the Fort Bend County-wide, Texas State-wide and Federal elected positions in the General Election on November 4. 2014!!

With this in mind, it is imperative that we come together to organize and get our minds, hearts and bodies ready for the campaigns that many of us will conduct between now and the election.

Remember, there is no substitute for victory in these campaigns. Your participation as Precinct Chairs will make a difference in each of our campaigns.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle we have is overcoming “voter complacency.” One would not think that we would have to deal with this issue with everything going on in our country…but we do. Just look at the last election and the low percentage of voters turning out to elect our Republican candidates in the Primary and Primary Run-off elections.

So we will be targeting ALL known Republican voters to vote. We will also have people working at the Fort Bend Republican Party HQ who will be identifying people who are new to the county or who have voted in previous General Elections without a record of Party affiliation. We must reach every possible Republican voter and get them to the polls for early voting beginning the middle of October, right up to November 4th. It will be ALL of our responsibilities to get every Republican voter in each precinct to the polls.

Our candidates are people of character, strong conservatives, who have lead and will lead our country, state and county in critical positions of elected office.

We must get our message to the voters and do all that we can in a positive and truthful manner to achieve victory in November. We have the “right message” and the absolute “right people” on the ballot. If we are to keep Fort Bend County and Texas RED, then we must ACT!!

All of us candidates and elected officials need your full support and participation in our campaigns.

So to launch our campaigns collectively, we will be meeting on July 28th at the Republican Party HQ at 6:30 PM. The meeting will last about 90 minutes and will cover the following:

Introductions of candidates and campaign staffs/volunteers

Overview of the campaign

Training for Precinct Chairs

Assignments for walking and other activities

Q & A

There will be subsequent meetings and updates as we go forward with our planning and execution of the campaign plans.

We appreciate you and your willingness to serve as Precinct Chairs and volunteers in our campaigns.

Onward to Victory and I will see you July 28th!! (If you are unable to attend, please let me know so that I can meet with you separately to discuss the campaign.) We are expecting each of you to participate!!

Very best and thank you for your service,


Rick Miller
Texas Representative District 26

Not on my watch will we turn Fort Bend and Texas anything other than RED…we have work to do!!

Pro-Growth Versus Anti-Growth Advocates and Leadership.

By FBCStaff-In most communities, companies, churches, organizations, etc we usually find pro-growth versus anti-growth factions. In almost all examples the pro-growth groups win because if there is no growth the entity doesn’t survive. So it would behoove cities like Rosenberg to embrace growth and not fight it as some council members are doing:

read more from Ft Bend Herald

The anti-growth council members have removed the mayor from The RDC?  One of the duties of a mayor is to promote businesses and removing the mayor sends a strong signal that some do not want growth in the city.  Rosenberg’s citizens need to get informed and send their council members a strong message that the city is pro-growth.

The obvious reason some do not want growth, it brings about change. If change is not managed properly it can bring with it a multitude of problems.  One only has to look at the cities in East Fort Bend Counties to see what change has done to them.

Stafford is ruled by a mayor who keeps a tight rein on finances while looking the other way on social issues.  When smaller the city could be managed this way but as it has grown it is in desperate need of new leadership.

Missouri City has grown steadily under the leadership of the mayor and council.  But an agenda by democrats to gain seats in the county has caused a shift on council to a group that may not have the whole city’s best interests as their agenda.  If Missouri City is to continue moving forward they need to set their agenda aside.  The city manager needs to work with all on council and not cater to special interest groups.  Missouri City has the most potential to grow of the three and a council working together can attain that goal, a fractured council will not.

Sugar Land is an example of explosive growth and if managed properly can benefit most of its citizens.  If not managed properly, explosive growth often comes with bubbles that cause problems when they burst.  Residents sent a message of slow down the spending to mayor, council, and city manager when 40% of the last city bond did not pass.

Fort Bend is a vibrant, growing county and with growth comes change.  The cites that manage their growth, will be best positioned to serve their citizens.  Cities with divided councils, and/or weak city managers will not.

The City of Rosenberg is making a mistake by not allowing or planning for future growth.  The city has a mayor with a vision to grow the city.  If he is hand cuffed or not allowed to do his job how does that benefit the citizens that elected him?  Should he have free rein to do as he chooses, of course not.  A city with vision has to have a strategic plan with a clear vision to allocate resources based on the changes that come with growth.  These changes or bubbles are called critical success factors and they must be identified, addressed and resources allocated.  History teaches us a good strategy/plan implemented brings the best results.  Failure is usually brought about by faulty planning or execution.

Good leadership is needed in Fort Bend County cities, and not allowing or planning for growth is not good leadership.  Fort Bend has grown to the size we need leadership at all levels if the county is to continue to be one of the fastest growing in the US.


Mike Berezin Named Missouri City Police Chief

After a months-long search, Missouri City Councilmembers announced at their July 7 Regular Meeting that former Assistant Chief of Operations Mike Berezin would be sworn in as the City’s new Chief of Police on July 9 at the Public Safety Headquarters.
“Having been with the City for more than 25 years, I consider it an honor to work with my fellow Missouri City employees,” Chief Berezin said. “Council, for as long as I can remember, has always been supportive of my department, and I’m grateful to serve the City as Police Chief.”
Chief Berezin has been serving as the City’s Interim Police Chief since former Chief Joel Fitzgerald left to serve as the head of the Allentown, Pa., Police Department, in January of this year. Well-known for his leadership and exemplary service, Chief Berezin was promoted to his assistant chief position in 2011 and was in command of the Patrol and Criminal Investigation Divisions.
Throughout his tenure with the City, Chief Berezin has endeared himself to the countless citizens he has met while serving to protect the community. He quickly rose the ranks of the Missouri City Police Department, building his way up every rank in the department and climbing “every rung on the ladder,” as he puts it. Under previous leadership, he has helped the City become ranked one of the top 20 safest cities in Texas by Safe Wise, a company that specializes in security systems; and he helped facilitate the department’s participation in the City’s homeowners’ association outreach program.
Thanking Council for the opportunity to lead Missouri City’s finest, Chief Berezin said: “You’ve always been there to give the department positive critiques regarding enforcement.”
He began his law-enforcement career with the Missouri City Police Department in January 1989 as a Patrol Officer. He has since served as Field Training Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant and Captain of the Patrol Division. In that position, he oversaw the department’s respected community outreach program through which supervisors are assigned to attend homeowners’ association meetings and collaborate with residents on crime prevention measures.
In 1990, Chief Berezin was honored as “Officer of the Year” by the Fort Bend County 100 Club; the award was also bestowed on him in 2001 by the 100 Club of Greater Houston.
“It is an honor to work alongside someone as dedicated to not only his department but to the entire Missouri City community,” City Manager Edward Broussard said. “Chief Berezin’s dedication to the safety of Missouri City residents has never wavered throughout his more than 25 years in the department, and it is inspiring to see someone as passionate as him continue to grow amongst such a wide diversity of City growth, leadership, partnerships and technology.”
Chief Berezin is a graduate of the Leadership Command College at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, and of the 236th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.
“I am 100 percent looking forward to serving the City as the newest Chief of Police,” Chief Berezin said. “I hope to do bigger and better things than anyone in this City has ever seen.”
For more information about Missouri City, please watch the City website: www.missouricitytx.gov, like us on Facebook—fb/MissouriCityTX, follow us on Twitter—@MissouriCityTX, and watch Missouri City Television (Ch. 16 on Comcast).

Is Lois Lerner a Heroine?

By FBCStaff-I wrote about a true hero Louie Zampini as we celebrated the 4th, now let’s look at a liberal heroine, Lois Lerner:

“For her many years of service to the Democratic party, she deserves it all. Sure, she did splendid work in torpedoing the Tea Party, but her efforts to criminalize conservatism go back years, and one of them came to light very recently. In 1996 Al Salvi ran for the U.S. Senate in Illinois against Dick Durbin. Salvi had contributed $1.1 million of his own money to the campaign, as he had every right to do. The Federal Election Commission objected, however, and Salvi found himself talking to an FEC official. “Promise me you’ll never run for office again,” he was told, “and we’ll drop the case.” The official was Lois Lerner.

We wouldn’t be seeing any of this in the America of the recent past. Today, it is happening in another country, Jonathan Chait’s America, where “arrogance and hatred are the wares / Peddled in the thoroughfares,” the country of meanness and spite foretold by William Butler Yeats. If the touchstone of political action, of legitimacy, is hatred, then almost anything is permitted — low crimes, persecution of opponents, disdain for the Constitution — provided the enemy is made to suffer.”

read more from Hot Air

Lerner is a stark contrast to Louie Zampini, but to the progressives she is just as much a hero as Zampini.  The left has been using tax payer funded government to target conservatives for years.  Is this an effective use of a government department?  Of course not, so why is it happening?  The left has become emboldened as they see the goal of transforming America close to becoming reality.

Had you had enough?