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Does Character Count?

By FBCStaff-In the 90’s when Bill Clinton was running for president that question surfaced and it has been answered.  Does character count?

“It may be that the conservatives of the 1990s were simply right about Clinton, that once he failed to resign he really deserved to be impeached.”

The NYT is admitting, we may be where we are today because of the left’s actions?

I think that is what the republicans said then and have always said.  When your moral character is defined by “what is legal as versus what is right” or “the end results justifies the means” there are repercussions.

When one lives by the credo “what I did may be wrong but it didn’t break any laws” you have no moral compass.

Are you listening republicans?



By FBCStaff-FBCGOP Newsletter  click link below:

Katy Boatman, a conservative Republican candidate for the First Court of Appeals, Place 7, in 2018

FBCStaff-I want to introduce you to Katy Boatman, a conservative Republican candidate for the First Court of Appeals, Place 7, in 2018. The current justice in that place is not seeking reelection.

Katy has the relevant experience. She is currently an attorney at Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLP, practicing appellate law with Justice Scott Brister, a former Harris County judge. She maintains a diverse commercial docket at the trial and appellate levels, with a focus on oil and gas, contract, and health care disputes. She has practiced before Houston’s First and Fourteenth Courts of Appeals numerous times.

Katy also has the qualities we want in a judge. She is committed to upholding the rule of law, not legislating from the bench, and issuing timely decisions. I believe she will serve the people of Fort Bend County honorably. Katy’s husband works in Fort Bend County. She has been to Fort Bend County to meet the voters many times; I hope you get to meet her on one of her trips.

Katy went to Texas A&M University, graduating with triple honors after being heavily involved in student government. She then went to Baylor Law School on scholarship, where she served as the executive editor of Baylor Law Review and graduated with honors. Following graduation, she completed two appellate clerkships, both with outstanding conservative judges: Justice Dale Wainwright of the Texas Supreme Court and Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod of the Fifth Circuit.

In 2016, Katy was named the National Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year, as well as the Outstanding Young Lawyer of Texas and of Houston. Katy served for four years on the board of directors of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, elected by her peers because of her strong commitment to the legal profession. Since then, she has also served on the Houston Young Lawyers Association’s board of directors. She serves her community through her church, Grace Bible Church, Yellowstone Academy, The Women’s Home, and many other groups.

Katy’s opponent is a criminal defense attorney who also sues on behalf of plaintiffs. He has almost no experience before this court. I support Katy Boatman.

Young Conservatives of Tx Release Ratings and It Isn’t Pretty

FBCStaff-We can all agree the last legislative session wasn’t pretty. What surprised me was the highest rating by the Young Conservatives of Texas for Ft Bend County Reps was Rep John Zerwas with a 66, Rep Miller at 61, Rep Stephenson at 58 and bringing up the rear was Rep Reynolds with a rating of 11.

Ft Bend County was not well represented.

Speaker Straus ran a less than stellar session fighting the conservatives on every issues.  But what should bother us more is the lack of disregard for the rules and the scandals.  Rep Tawanna Dukes admitted she lied, falsely charging the tax payers for per diem when she did not go to the Capitol Building.  According to the Tx House Staff this was a common practice.  In other words others were doing the same thing, charging per diem and not being present in Austin.  We know there have been instances where votes were cast and the representatives were not in Austin.

This is simply unacceptable and the new speaker needs to address the issues and drain the swamp.  We deserve better than this.


Executive Committee Meeting

Party officials, candidates, local residents, and elected officials attended the Executive Committee meeting in Richmond on Thursday. Judge Chad Bridges and Judge Chris Morales gave presentations on the judicial system in Ft. Bend. The Executive Committee voted on budgets, committee members, and other party business.

This Saturday!
2:00 PM

Please attend the upcoming Veteran’s Day ceremony at Safari Texas Ranch in Richmond on Saturday.
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Congratulations Craig LeTulle!

Craig LeTulle was honored as Volunteer of the Year by Senate District 17 of the State Republican Executive Committee.
Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar

Volunteer Deputy Registrars are entrusted with the responsibility of officially registering voters in the State of Texas. They are appointed by county voter registrars and charged with helping increase voter registration in the state.

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Kelly Crow for Judge Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3: Campaign Kickoff
November 9 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Clancy’s Public House, 503 FM 359, Suite 118
Richmond, TX 77406 United States + Google Map
Find out more »

Tri-Co United Republican Women: Meeting
November 14 @ 6:00 pm
Alicia’s Mexican Grille – Katy, 25725 Katy Fwy
Katy, TX 77494 United States + Google Map
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Harold Kennedy for Judge, County Court at Law #3: Kickoff
November 15 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Dry Creek Social Club, 3333 FM 359
Richmond, TX 77406 United States + Google Map
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Fort Bend Republican Women: Meeting
November 27 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Clancy’s Public House,503 FM 359, Suite 118
Richmond, TX 77406 United States + Google Map
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Republican Women’s Club of Katy: Luncheon & Ornament Exchange
December 7 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
The Golf Club at Cinco Ranch, 23030 Cinco Ranch Blvd.
Katy, Texas 77450-5997 United States + Google Map
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Sweetgrass Republican Club: Christmas Party and Dinner
December 7 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sweetgrass, 2500 FM 762
Richmond, TX 77469 United States + Google Map
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Fort Bend Republican Women: Christmas Egg Nog Membership Party
December 13 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Sweetwater Country Club, 4400 Palm Royale Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77479 United States + Google Map
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Turnout Down 42% for Missouri City November Election

FBCStaff-Some promised a larger turnout by moving the elections to November.  Instead moving the elections to November, the turnout decreased by over 40% from the 2016 election. But they did not get what they really wanted which was a change in the power structure between the council and the city manager.  As the voters saw through their scheme and turned down props 3 and 4 to keep the city a strong mayor and council.  The 2016 election had a total of 5243 voters and the 2017 election had a total of 3051 voters, 42% less.  This follows the trend set by the 2017 school board election where votes were down 47%.  In 2015 election year in Ft Bend muni and school board elections 14842 votes were cast.In 2016, 20,820 votes were cast. In 2017 11,093 votes cast. This is 27% lower than 2015 and 47% lower than 2016.  The ones pushing for the change hopes the lower turnout will help the party not in power.  The democrats have not won a statewide election since 1994 over 23 years.  So democrats are concentrating on muni and school boards hoping to win something.

Moving the election to November does not save the taxpayers money, it did drive down the voter turn out.  Remember the ones who wanted to move the election to November promising a bigger turnout?

It is sad to think politics in Missouri City has sunk to this level.  What you can look for in the coming months is a push for more policy changes, term limits,  adding to debt, more entitlements and a less efficiently ran city.  Next democrats will want term limits so they can be out of office when the bills come due.  If you want examples, look at Houston, Chicago and Detroit.

Missouri City Council no Longer Listens to voters

FBCStaff-Missouri City Elections are being held and one of the props is about the date the election is to be held:
“Proposition E changes the words in the Charter to make them consistent with City Council Resolution No. R-16-32, which changed the election date from May to November.

Will the City go back to a May election date if voters decide not to change the election date in the Charter?
No. State law allows a home-rule municipality to change its election date from May to November by resolution no later than Dec. 31, 2016. The City Council of the City of Missouri City did so in 2016. State law also provides that the election date change in a resolution such as the one passed by the City Council in 2016 supersedes a city charter provision that requires a different election date. Therefore, if Proposition E fails, the City will continue to have November elections.”

So why vote if our votes don’t count? The Charter Review Committee did not recommend the date change. Four of the council forced this change on us in a 4-3 vote. Two of the council members Smith and Maroulis were adamant that voters not be surveyed or allowed to vote on the change.

Maroulis did not get one vote last election.  He and Robin Elackatt cut a backroom deal where he filed at the last minute and Elackatt then resigned after the filing period closed.  Maroulis in his campaign literature says, “I will continue to be receptive to community concerns and listen to citizen input.”  So why didn’t he want citizens to be surveyed or allowed to vote on moving the election?  I’ve never had a conversation with Maroulis and he did not lie to me.  Not once.

John Zerwas Files for Texas Speaker of the House

FBCStaff-Speaker Straus has announced he will not file for reelection leaving the Speaker’s position up for grabs.
” John Zerwas, R-Richmond, filed within minutes of Straus’ announcement. ”

Insiders think Straus will be running for governor.  Can Straus get enough democrats to crossover and vote for him to win the republican primary?

Shaping us as an interesting election season.

A Corrupt Judicial System

FBCStaff-Would you commit a crime if you knew there would be no accountability?
“Travis County prosecutors have dropped their criminal charges against state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, saying Monday that a felony case against the state lawmaker should never have been brought.

The announcement ends a months-long legal saga in which Dukes was accused of abusing public office after a grand jury indicted her on 13 felony charges and two misdemeanor charges earlier this year. But prosecutors have, over recent weeks, been forced to admit that their case against the Austin Democrat was based on flawed evidence.”

It is Travis County what do you expect?

Corrupting Our Institutions

FBCStaff-Some not only choose legalism over right and wrong they push the envelope. The Clinton Foundation was described by NY Times OP-Editor Columnist Maureen Dowd as legal graft. What does that mean? It means they use loopholes to skirt the law and in certain cases blatantly disregarded rules and regulations.  When we as a society allow politicians to flaunt our laws it corrupts our institutions. Transparency International released this report in 2013:
“The report found that corruption and bribery are prevalent across both developed and underdeveloped nations: More than 50 percent of respondents in the world said corruption had worsened in recent years, and 27 percent admitted to paying bribes in order to access public services and institutions.

Few respondents see an easy way out of this growing problem. The majority of people don’t believe in their government’s capabilities to fight corruption. Nearly 88 percent think that their leaders are doing a poor job at it, and most blame public institutions as the main corruption sources.”

Here are five of the world’s most corrupt institutions, according to the survey:

1) The Police For years now, many people in rural areas of countries like Mexico and Venezuela have learned an important lesson: If you have a problem with the law, avoid the police, because you might end up with even more problems.  In Mexico, cartels pay municipal police $100 million every month, and more than 93 percent of drivers think traffic policemen are corrupt. (One solution to that problem: female police officers.) In Venezuela, the interior minister excoriated his entire force last month.  Those are some of the most extreme cases, but they reflect a general worldwide distrust of cops. Across the globe, police received 3.7 rating on a 1 to 5 scale, where 1 means ‘not at all corrupt’ and 5 means ‘extremely corrupt’.

2) Judges  Few forms of corruption can hurt a country more than judicial corruption. The rule of law tends to disappear when people don’t trust the justice system. If you don’t think a judge can help you, there is a greater chance you will take justice in your own hands or allow those who wronged you to escape with impunity.  There are 20 countries where people think the judiciary is the most corrupt institution. In these countries, 30 percent of the survey’s respondents admitted that they had a paid bribe in order to help their cases.

3) Public Officials and Civil Servants  Government employees in charge of land, registry, health, and education have a privileged position controlling access to certain grants or assistance. They can easily ask for bribes.  This sort of corruption has mostly affected countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia, Iraq, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia –- countries where agrarian and civil conflicts have divided the population and enabled governments to centralize power in big bureaucracies.  On average, public officials received a 3.6 for corruption on the 1-to-5 scale.

4) Political Parties  Citizens of Argentina, Greece, Colombia, the United States, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Israel, Vanuatu, Uruguay, and Jamaica share one belief: They think political parties are their country’s most corrupt institutions. In total, 51 countries around the world expressed contempt for political parties in the survey.  More than half of respondents think that their countries are run by big interests looking out for themselves “entirely” or to a “large extent.” It’s no surprise, then, that protesters in countries like Turkey, Egypt, Chile, Spain, and Brazil have used political corruption as a rallying cry.  In the U.S., 76 percent of respondents said that political parties were affected by corruption. In Greece, the number is currently at 90 percent.

5) The Citizenry  One of the largest problems when dealing with public corruption is the people themselves. According to the report, 27 percent of respondents said that they had paid a bribe in the past 12 months. As Transparency International and other NGOs have repeatedly stated, this ultimately sustains and encourages corruption.  The same goes for citizens’ failures to report incidents of corruption. The study found that 21 percent of the people surveyed are not willing to report these incidents, and there are 16 countries where a majority of respondents would prefer to remain silent, for fear of reprisals and lack of faith in their governments.”

How does this affect us?  Are our institutions being corrupted?  Look at what is happening in our schools:

“A South Florida teacher has been fired after throwing an X-rated surprise party for a former student.  The party took place at Mater Lakes Academy, which is a charter school for grades six through 12 in Northwest Miami-Dade.  According to parents, the party happened in the dance teacher’s classroom after school Wednesday.  “In the videos, we see how they were preparing for the surprise party. And as the boy walked in, they surprised him with a hat that had a penis attached to the top and a string to be able to pull it so it can get erected,” said the mother.

The party included rubber penises, penis candles, penis hats and more.  “There was a cake that had a lollipop shaped as a vagina,” said the mother.”

How could anyone rationalize this was appropriate on school grounds or age appropriate?

Our institutions are intentionally being corrupted by the angry left and this includes our public schools.

The left’s goal is to corrupt all our institutions, government, schools, churches, marriages, etc.    Our federal government is permeated by the left, we cannot sit back and wait for the government to fix this as the government is the cause.

The fix will come from us when we grow tired of the corruption.