Superintendent Dupre to Meet With QV Residents

The meeting with the Superintendent has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April
16th at 6:00 p.m. at the City Centre.

This meeting is designed to answer
our questions about school rezoning Quail Valley

When: April 16th

Where: City Centre

Time: 6pm

Texas Women Stand with Abbott

By FBCStaff-If you would like to join Texas Women Stand with Abbott sign up today.  You can print this form and take it to all your friends have them sign and return.

Texas Women Stand with Abbott




























Political Ad paid for by Fort Bend GOP Conservatives PAC


Yvonne Larson Exposed

By FBCStaff-Some may have been curious why Yvonne Larson was requesting Missouri City elected official’s CFRs:

Yvonne Larsen

Last night I filed a Texas Public Information Act request with the Missouri City City Secretary. I asked for copies of all campaign finance reports on file, including amended reports, for Mayor Allen Owen and At Large Councilmembers Jerry Wyatt and Danny Nguyen. All three are up for re-election in 2014. As is common practice, these campaign finance reports were due January 15th, 2014 and the filings should stamped with the date the report was received by the City Secretary. If the reports were filed on time, I will publicly commend all three candidates for submitting their required reports on time; if they were not submitted on time….

You might have questioned why when she doesn’t live in Missouri City.

Or you might have been curious why she wrote this:

“Yvonne Larsen

It is my honor to openly and publicly thank Mike and Tina Gibson for their leadership of the Republican Party of Fort Bend County. They have warmly welcomed Ron and I after our move to Fort Bend 18 months ago. We’ve contributed what we could to the fundraising efforts, wish it could be more”

when you found Yvonne Larson was supporting Noel Pinnock:


Pinnock’s CFR showed Larson contributing $500 of the $850 given to Pinnock’s campaign.

So who is Noel Pinnock?  His voting record for the last 10 years shows:


Pinnock’s voting record shows, he voted (D) in every primary he voted.  The primary elections are the only ones that record your party affiliation.

Usually one has to question why a republican would be giving money to a democrat in a city where they don’t reside?  Unless you know the golfball Yvonne Larson.

Liberal Yvonne seems to be agitated because she’s been exposed again.  And apparently she doesn’t understand I don’t care when democrats give money to republicans.  Many democrats know who the better candidates are and if they want to choose the more conservative Nguyen over the more liberal Tunstall that’s between them and their party.  Who am I to criticize their sound judgment and common sense?

Liberal Larson also seems to be agitated because I posted Pinnock’s CFR and didn’t redact addresses, but when she posted Mayor Owen’s, Mayor Pro-Tem Wyatt’s and Councilman Nguyen’s CFRs she neglected to redact addresses.  Maybe she’s confused on the rules of “gotcha politics?”  Let me explain the rules Yvonne, if you’re going to play gotcha politics, you just may get bit in the azz.


Voter ID or National ID Card?

By FBCStaff-A recent poll showed over 80% of Americans favored voter ID.  In an effort to control the issue Bill Clinton came out in favor of a photo on your SS card, or a National ID:

“With 34 states now requiring some form of identification at the polls, former president Bill Clinton and civil rights leader Andrew Young on Wednesday endorsed the idea of adding photos to Social Security cards as a way to prevent voter suppression…

Clinton and Young, a former mayor of Atlanta, expressed concern that the voter ID laws could discourage poor and minority voters from showing up at the polls, which would circumvent the intent of the Voting Rights Act.

“I’m not against photo identification, but only as long as the cards are free and easily accessible. Providing eligible voters the ability to obtain a photo on a Social Security card eliminates any genuine concern,” Young said. He called on Obama to issue an executive order making such photos available.

Clinton did not go so far as to urge executive action. However, he said, putting photos on Social Security cards would represent “a way forward that eliminates error,” without having to “paralyze and divide a country with significant challenges.”

read more

Facing a losing battle democrats are trying to control the issue.  It would be impossible to control all 50 states, but they would allow one agency to control all IDs.  What could possibly go wrong?  With federal control an administration could arbitrarily decide who gets to vote with an executive order.


Are Libertarians Conservative?

By FBCStaff-Libertarians are for smaller government and a free economy but more often than not identify with liberals.  Here’s a recent post on the Ft Bend County Libertarian face book page and the enlightening responses it drew:

 It mystifies me that Libertarians would think republicans are the enemy. If you look at the original concept of the republican party it was free labor, free land and free men. Fast forward to today and that correlates to the right to work, smaller government/less taxes and personal liberty. Who doesn’t want that? Unfortunately our friends on the left have embraced a divide and conquer strategy under the guise of diversity. Using social issues the left divides. The left’s divisive practices have back fired and drive the majority to the right.
It drew these responses!!!
Michael Lee Republicans do not DO what they claim to do. They vote for war and for corporate welfare at taxpayer expense. Republicans do not respect human rights to privacy and the liberty to live your life as you wish in personal choices. Libertarians want more freedom and lower taxes than the Republicans want. That’s why there is a Libertarian Party – to have more freedom.
Charles Adaway And democrats do? If you look at it logically you stand a better chance getting what you want with republicans.
George Hardy Dems don’t seem to hide their socialist leanings.
Michael Lee That’s a silly question. The only thing Republicans can claim is they are better than Democrats. Democrats are actually better because they don’t lie about what they want to do.
Michael Lee They openly claim to favor socialism so they don’t lie about that.
Jeff Daiell By “right to work” Republicans mean Government dictating to private employers that they are not allowed to sign closed-shop contracts. Hardly a “small government” position.
George Hardy we all agree that both sides of the isle lie their asses off…no need in getting caught up in semantics.
George Hardy (u.s. congress) corrupt as the day is long….matter of fact, im pretty sure you dont get to those positions of power in today’s political arena unless they have a whole bunch of dirt on you.
Michael Lee is the Ft Bend County Libertarian Chair and he plainly states republicans lie and “Democrats are actually better because they don’t lie about what they want to do.”
What do you think was President Obama being truthful when he said “if you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor” or “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan?”
One thing very obvious is their utter contempt for republicans.  So why do many try to pass themselves off as republicans?  Still think Libertarians are conservative?

FBISD Candidate Forum Sunday April 13th

Fellow Patriots,

Please consider joining us for the important FBISD School Board Candidate Forum on Sunday, April 13, in Sugar Land. Our education system is the foundation upon which tomorrow is built. Those citizens who chose to step forward and serve on local school boards not only have control of several million of our tax dollars, but more importantly the well being and direction of our children are in their hands.

Stay involved and stay informed and hear directly from the candidates so that you can make an informed choice come Election Day.

View forum flyer with attending candidate here:

FBISD School Board Candidate Forum Flyer

FBISD School Board Candidate Forum
Sunday, April 13, 2014
3:00 – 5:00 pm
HCSS Headquarters
13151 West Airport Blvd.
Sugar Land, TX 77478

****Psst I’ll be watching the Masters

Long Live the Republic!


GFBCTP “Faith, Family & Freedom” with Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Safari Texas Ranch (Richmond, TX)

2:00 – 5:30 pm

Tickets will be going on sale soon.

We are now accepting items for our silent auction tables.

Guest speaker lineup & details are being finalized. More details to come!

We are a non-profit organization. All donations are appreciated and allow for us to continue to provide you with events, website updates, materials and communication outreach. Please consider mailing a donation to P.O. Box 1506, Matleage Way, Sugar Land, TX 77487.

Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party
P.O. Box 1506
Sugar Land, Texas 77487


By FBCStaff-We are truly blessed to live in Texas.

“Perry told Breitbart Texas, “We’ve been below the national average of unemployment for over 80 months. We have 1,000 plus people moving into the state per day. So even with the influx of people moving to Texas, we’ve been able to absorb them and to keep as many people employed as we can.”

According to the most recent statistics from the State of Texas, the state’s unemployment rate stands around 5.7 percent. Furthermore, as Breitbart Texas previously pointed out, the state’s sales tax collections have continued to increase for 47 straight months. The booming oil and natural gas industry has undoubtedly helped increase sales tax collections, but so have retail sales.”

read more

Texas and Ft Bend County leads the way in so many things. This may give new meaning to GTT(Gone To Texas). With 1000 plus people moving to Texas per day, for many years one can only wonder why some still cling to their unions, high taxes and the share the wealth philosophy.

Larger government vs smaller government, higher taxes vs lower taxes,  socialism vs capitalism?  Reagan got it and it looks like Gov Perry gets it, smaller government/lower taxes/capitalism works.

Missouri City on the Move

Impressive Economic Strides Continue
As Missouri City continues to position itself at the forefront of economic development, new and existing businesses are constantly growing and thriving. Currently, the City is working to locate new businesses from all districts to the Show Me City. Current new and existing business renovation projects in the works include:

Memorial Herman Health
Adding to their existing Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation center, Memorial Hermann has recently submitted building permit plans for a 23,000-square-foot emergency clinic to be located in the Sienna Village shops at 8780 Highway 6.

Stripes Convenience Store, Gas Station & Laredo Tacos
Building permit plans have also been submitted for the location of a new 6,684-square-foot Stripes convenience store and gas station at 12712 Fondren Rd. The location will also include the company’s famous Laredo Taco Company.

Burger King at 2207 Texas Parkway
Construction has begun on remodeling the interior and exterior of its existing building to bring the design more up to date and consistent with other locations throughout the region.

The Huntington
A 142,421-square-foot building is presently under construction. The Huntington is planned to be a three story, age-restricted apartment community. The community will have 190 apartment units. This project is under construction near the intersection of Trammel Fresno Road and Highway 6 at 4522 Trammel Fresno Road. The first community similar to this one opened at 2424 FM 1092 last year, and the developer reports that the building was almost completely leased within a five-month period.

Express Oil Change
A new 5,075-square-foot automotive business is under construction at 3801 FM 1092 just west of Lowes, near the intersection of FM 1092 and Highway 6.

First Choice Emergency Room
This is the second of this type of facility for which building permit plans have been submitted. This location would be just west of Spring Creek BBQ at 4885 Highway 6. The facility will be a 6,581-square-foot emergency clinic. The other facility is planned for a location off of Highway 6 near Sienna Parkway.

Colony Crossing II
Building permit plans have been submitted for the construction of a new 90,000-square-foot warehouse to be located off of Beltway 8, just northwest of the center where Sky Zone is located. A tenant has not been identified for the warehouse yet.

HC4, the parent company of Hallmark Capital Group, LLC, Hallmark Farrell Roofing Company, CBIC Construction and Development, LLC and 4 City Steel and Fabrication –all construction related companies– has purchased the former Stock Building Supply buildings at the intersection of US 90A & South Gessner Road. HC4 plans to do an exterior remodel of an existing warehouse on the development as well as construct a new 24,400-square-foot warehouse.

Lakeview Business Park
CNC Manufacturing is presently constructing a 75,000-square-foot warehouse at 911 Buffalo Run. This facility is being relocated from Houston.

Missouri City In Focus: Leadership Luncheon Series
Since 2012 Missouri City has brought together executives, entrepreneurs and innovators from throughout the region and the county to discuss the trends and challenges facing business leaders today. Open to the public at the cost of $15, the Leadership Luncheon Series is held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the City Centre at Quail Valley.

Join us for the next Luncheon on Thursday, April 10 when we welcome Kyle Dawson and Ira Liebman of the Sugar Land Skeeters.

For more information on how to become a sponsor or featured presenter, contact Stacie Walker at or (281) 403-8530.

for more information

Fear Mongering Tactics by Elected Officials

By FBCStaff-We expect a certain amount of restraint and decorum from our pubic officials. Fear mongering tactics(is the use of fear to influence the opinions and actions of others towards some specific end) does not add to a discussion on the merits of an issue and one has to wonder if a person using these tactics is qualified to hold office?

As we get closer to the municipal elections there are charges of racism by some trying to make some elections about race.  And one FBISD BOT is using fear to influence the outcome of a bond election. Do you think FBISD BOT Bailey comments serve her constituents well?

“Jenny Densmore Bailey Vote NO to all bond referendums in May. Get them where it hurts–no more deep pockets. Force their hand.
Jenny Densmore Bailey We need to encourage residents to vote NO against all bond referendums on May 2014 ballot. That will send a strong message that we’re fed up with leadership. Also, MC needs a bond to pass to anty up their 50% share for road improvements if the Mobility Bond passes. Keep in mind, most road improvements are near the Fort Bend Tollway so the developer can build apartments. He makes money, the city won’t see a single dime. Lake Olympia residents should be concerned.
Jenny Densmore Bailey Vote NO to bond!! Ask QV if Owen will save them from MHS.
Jenny Densmore Bailey Because RS will overpopulate EHS.

Some of these statements are patently false and misleading.  Are FBISD BOT Bailey’s comments responsible and do they serve the community, or are they vindictive and divisive?

This how one poster responded to BOT Bailey’s comments:

Denetta Williams Your post was well articulated. The sitting  B.O.T. inserted the QV parents being afraid of the black and brown kids at MHS.That’s just racist and fear base politics.The African American community has lost two innocent black kids because of the fear they have of our babies.Jenny is wrong for this.There is not any excuse for that type of bigotry. #saveoursons

Remarks such as these and others by BOT Bailey’s group has resulted in:

“The meeting with the Superintendent has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April 16th at 6:00 p.m. at the City Centre. This meeting is designed to answer our questions about school rezoning for Quail Valley.”

Perhaps more restraint from our elected officials, would result in Supt Dupre not having to spend his time tamping down rumors in neighborhoods.

When I wrote about her comments recently, she accused me of taking them out of context, then refused to discuss them saying she didn’t want to argue with me.  Should our elected officials be held accountable or should we to accept their words and their actions without comment?

Let FBISD BOT Bailey know how you feel about her comments, should she resign?     Email BOT Bailey @

Learn more about FBISD BOTs

Do you want a qualified board or a dysfunctional board?  Get involved and informed in the FBISD elections.  Learn who the candidates are, who they will align with, and will they represent special interest groups, or all constituents?

FBC the Fair and Balanced Blog in Fort Bend

By FBCStaff-The Fort Bend Conservative blog is provided as service to help discern the facts about issues in Fort Bend County.

Some see this blog as biased, such as this email I recently received:

“In light of your recent attempt at character assassination, I will not be meeting you for lunch next week. I thought that perhaps we could have come to some kind of understanding, but I no longer think this is possible. While there are many things I could say, I will take the high road. Good luck w/ your future endeavors.”

The email wasn’t signed and the email address doesn’t identify the sender so I can only assume who it is from, and we all know what assume spells.
But think they do raise a couple of points to discuss.

When someone points out the truth about someone or a group’s agenda  is that an attack, or it is holding someone accountable by calling them out?

Apparently what they were upset about what I wrote in article as they included it in their email:

“Allfrey, Burdine and Harrington are running as a slate and will likely align with BOTs Jenny Bailey and Dave Rosenthal. This group has ties to a extremely liberal group headed up by Kevin Tunstall ex-Chair Ft Bend Libertarians and Pat Baig current Treasure of FBCGOP.”

Three of the ten candidates for FBISD are joining to together to buy lunch for the SFRW’s luncheon on April 11th, and according to a VP in the FBCGOP a private donor is sponsoring a reception for the same three candidates.

Please join us at the City of Meadows Place Community Center at Amblewood and Dorrance in Meadows Place, Texas on April 27th to meet the candidates. Everyone welcome!!!

FBISD Candidates


It’s for the same three of the ten candidates.  If the candidates don’t want to be known as a slate they shouldn’t open themselves up for the charge.  The lovely Jacquie Baly told me, to not infer her candidate Burdine was part of a slate.  My advice, Mr Burdine shouldn’t align with others if he doesn’t want to be associated with them.


If we disagree there is no reason to be disagreeable. There is absolutely no justifiable reason for this:

Kevin Tunstall Leslie, let me be very clear. Those folks, including the “not so conservative blogger” a.k.a. Mr. Blabaway, who support the mayor and the buckeroos, should simply trade in their “red shirts” for white sheets and a hood. Refer to the email above and you should be able to discern by the language employed, what their agenda happens to be.

I will not link to Blabaway’s blog as I do not want to give credence to his screed. Suffice to say, these folks are poster children for getting rid of social security. I have never met such disposable people in my life, until I moved to QV. Our illustrious Mayor is one of the ring leaders of this racist group and relies on on their lies and bigotry to maintain his control over the city”

or this:

Kris Allfrey Missouri City residents better get ready for that tax increase to pay the damages from the civil rights lawsuit that’s on the way. When the mayor pro tem orders the police chief to conduct what arguably is illegal surveillance and designed to have a chilling effect on free speech, federal judges are likely to get real pissed. And, beause it was ordered by the elected officials, the city likely will be on the hook for setting up an unconstitutional city policy.

Are these allegations of racism and threats of lawsuits to be taken seriously or are they empty threats by a couple of loose cannons?

If I point these out comments or others am I attacking them or holding them accountable?

Elected officials and candidates are known by whom they associate with, and they have to live with their public statements.  They are entitled to an opinion, just not their own set of facts.  If you want to discuss issues, or anything I write feel free to contact me.   Or don’t read my blog.   I don’t attack, I call them as I see them.  I’m not afraid to go on the offensive when responding to an attack, it’s called standing up.  That makes some so uncomfortable they avoid lunch with me, some not so much.

Don’t kill the messenger,  threatening me, calling me names, or attacking me won’t work.  I don’t receive compensation for what I write and I’m not intimidated by loose cannons.