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What Are We Getting For Our School Taxes?

FBCStaff-The progressives have infiltrated our school districts at high levels and the results are terrible. Look at what is happening in DC our nation’s capitol: “Residents in Washington, D.C. are still baffled over how every single student at Ballou High School got their diploma, despite many of them not even showing up to class.” This […]

Gov Abbott’s Property Tax Reform Policy

FBCStaff-Our local representatives no longer represent us. We are now entering a new phase for most residents in Missouri City called “taxation without representation.” So it is time we seriously look at restricting how much of our tax dollars they can access.

Gov Abbott’s Property Tax Reform Policy Governor Abbott’s plan to lower property taxes […]

Missouri City Council’s Response to Citizens is lacking

FBCStaff-Many of us are confused by what is happening at council meetings. I.E. at the December 18th meeting, Council Member Preston asked that anyone speaking to council could give the remainder of their time to speak to other addressing council, and council agreed. However, at the Jan 2nd council meeting, comments were limited to one […]

FBCGOP Newsletter

FBCStaff- FBCGOP newsletter update* click link below:

World Makes Progress

FBCStaff-The progressives want you to believe the world is in chaos, but the truth is there is more positive news than negative news worldwide. Progressives, who are not for progress but social change by growing government needs victims to further agenda. “So now is the perfect time to reflect upon the positive difference humanity has […]

Sen Ted Cruz to Speak at the FBCGOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner

FBCStaff-Chairman Jacey Jetton has a star studded lineup planned for the FBCGOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner with Astro President Reed Ryan, Lt Guv Dan Patrick and Sen Ted Cruz to speak. click link for more details and to register:

Safety or Entitlements?

FBCStaff-At the last council meeting the council was addressed by 30 minutes of complaints and concerns by citizens about how the city is being managed. In the public comments the council was presented a petition of safety concerns resulting from the Glenn Lakes bridge closure. Before the public comments City Manager Snipes gave a statement […]

Blame Game Starts in Missouri City

FBCStaff-Missouri City City Manager Anthony Snipe reached a two year anniversary with the city in turmoil. Volunteers met with council about the animal shelter, apparently there are communication and turf issues about how to run the shelter. Also, citizens have garnered over 250 signatures for a petition to city council about traffic concerns relating to […]

Missouri City in Turmoil as Democrats Divide City

FBCStaff-Missouri City has long been recognized as a great place to raise your family. But that is changing, it is now a divided city by design. Let’s look at events leading us to where we are today.

In 2014 democrats used illegal tactics to get Chris Preston elected:

“Misleading Voters

But what if the […]

Ft Bend County Filing Period Closes

FBCStaff-Filing peroid closes and update from FBCGOP