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Fox News Poll: Americans Want A ‘House’ Cleaning

By FBC Staff: As we look forward to spring putting a cold snowy winter behind us, its time for a good House cleaning. Never has there been such a clear demarcation in the differences in the two parties. So let’s tidy up our house in the primaries and prepare for the Barry Backlash in November.



This health-care summit was a bad idea for the Democrats for this reason: They have long benefited from a perception — a perception greatly abetted by the media: The Republicans don’t care about health care, they don’t know about health care, they are the Party of No. All the ideas and caring are on the […]

Are We Drowning In Red Ink?

Red Ink Rising a report by The Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform. Throw in the State’s unfunded pension shortfalls, huge stimulus bills and one can only conclude that the US is in serious financial trouble. Every eligible voter should read this report then vote.

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West Fort Bend County Republican Women’s Club Forum for District Attorney

By Mary Cook The Swinging Door candidate forum presented by West Fort Bend County Republican Women on Feb 11 was held between John Healey, Richard Raymond, and Nina Schafer for District Attorney, 268th Judicial District . On a cold rainy cold, did I say cold night; the faithful came out to hear the candidates for […]

Forlano and McMeans Duke It Out at the Swinging Door

By Mary Cook The candidate forum presented by West Fort Bend County Republican Women at Swinging Door Thursday night Feb 11 was held between Rick Forlano and Jeff McMeans for Fort Bend County Court at Law #2. This report is subjected to sketchy notes and a poor memory after an hour round of punches uh […]

Why I’m Running For FBCGOP Chairman

By Mary Cook

Trying to be an informed voter, I called the candidates and asked questions.

1. Why are you running? 2. What do you intend to do if you win the position? 3. What qualifies you to serve in this position? 4. Tell me about your opponent. 5. Your profession 6. Label yourself 7. […]

D.C. snow will continue ‘until Al Gore cries uncle’

Sen Jim DeMint twitters: D.C. snow will continue ‘until Al Gore cries uncle’

Reports of more snow caused the House of Representatives to call off the rest of its votes scheduled for this week. The Washington, D.C. area was blanketed with about two feet of snow last week, causing the Senate to adjourn earlier than […]

Miss Me Yet?

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Campaign Finance Reform

The recent SCOTUS ruling may bring some semblance of balance back to campaign contributions. In the last 20 years campaign contributions heavily favored democrats with 9 of the 11 top spots, of which 7 were unions.

from Open Secrets

Laura Ingraham came to dinner

By Mary Cook FBC Chief Correspondent

Having always wondered what the Lincoln – Reagan Dinners were like, I went on Jan. 29 to the event hosted by the Fort Bend County Republican party.

From the Fort Bend Independent