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Obama Puts Crises on Hold To Attend The View

President Obama out to court the women’s votes. “Now ladies who are you going to believe your lying eyes or me?” More audacity from Prez Obama?

H/T To Michael Ramirez

Timmy! Antoinette

By FBCStaff-Read what the Streetwise Professor has to say about the clueless Geithner.

“Businesses always want their taxes lower and always want to live with low regulation,” Geithner said. “There is nothing remarkable, or particularly interesting frankly, that we’re in the midst of another debate, which you hear in almost any administration, with people looking […]

Geithner Favors Allowing Some Tax Cuts To Expire

By FBCStaff-I support rich Democrats like Geithner who has had anything but a government job paying the taxes he owes. No, Mr Geithner has not paid all the back taxes he owes. Why not?

Speaking on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Geithner says he supports allowing the top capital gains tax rate to revert to […]

White House Predicts Record $1.47 Trillion Deficit

By FBCStaff-Most of us when we find we’re out of money we simply stop spending. But when your agenda is transferring tax dollars that’s not an option.

New estimates from the White House on Friday predict the budget deficit will reach a record $1.47 trillion this year. The government is borrowing 41 cents of every […]

Obama Commission Will Call for Trillions in Tax Hikes

FBCStaff-The progressive Obama administration has completed two of its four major bills with healthcare and financial reform. Its looks like they will table immigration and cap and trade and press for huge tax increases to futher drive the economy towards a second recession or even an economic depression. Its time for the tax debate to […]

Bernanke Says Extending Bush’s Tax Cuts Would Maintain Economic Stimulus

By-FBCStaff-Flying in the face of President Obama some dems and now Fed Chairman Ben Bernake is saying what everyone knows:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said extending at least some of the tax cuts set to expire this year would help strengthen a U.S. economy still in need of stimulus and urged offsetting the […]

The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon

By FBCStaff-Remember the 2008 campaign when Barrack Obama pledged no taxes on anyone making $200k or less? Well it appears he lied about that too.

Fiscal Policy: Many voters are looking forward to 2011, hoping a new Congress will put the country back on the right track. But unless something’s done soon, the new year […]

Who Is Shirley Sherrod?

By FBCStaff-Shirley Sherrod gave a speech at the NAACP this year and was fired by the Obama administration after charges of racism occurred when a video surfaced. The Obama administration is now backtracking on the firing. But if you dig deep enough you find there is a history with the Obama administration and Ms Sherrod.


Committee Approves Kagan Nomination, Sends to Full Senate

By FBCStaff-Sen Graham seeking approval from the ruling class voted for Kagan.

Just one Republican joined the Democrats in voting in favor of Kagan’s nomination: Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. The final committee vote was 13 to six. Kagan’s nomination now goes before the full Senate for consideration; Graham’s vote ensures that Democrats will […]

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

FBCStaff-Many of us have been saying Washington D. C., especially the present administration, is out of touch with the average American citizen. Angelo M. Codevilla a professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University writes an article for the American Spectator which gives us many insights into today’s progressive and perhaps explains why we are […]