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The FBGOP Open House A Huge Success!

By FBCStaff-The thunder was deafening as the herd roared from sea to shining sea Saturday. The FBGOP celebrated the opening of it’s new headquarters at 6655 Greatwood Parkway, Sugar Land, United States, 77479, as Glen Beck held his Restoring Honor Rally in DC.

FBGOP Chairman Rick Miller pulled off a major coup landing Atty General […]

Boehner’s Pro-Growth Message

FBCStaff-Did Rep John Boehner gave us a sneak preview of what might a newly ascendant congressional Republican majority actually stand for?

Republican leaders are expected to publish a governing agenda next month, probably an updated version of the bold and successful Newt Gingrich/Dick Armey “Contract with America” of 1994. John Boehner is a key alumnus […]

GOP vs. Dems: Who’s Best For the Economy?

By FBCStaff-Lately Rep Barney Frank has been saying Fannie and Freddie may have problems. Finally after 20 years of bad fiscal policy Democrats may be willing to admit what many of us have known for years. Michael Medved lays it out so anyone can understand.

Which political party — Democrats or Republicans — will do […]

Why We Have The Tea Party.

By FBCStaff-Let’s revist the past 18 months, in case you’ve forgotten the reason the tea party movement started in early 2009. I took part in the Taxed Enough Already party’s first local gathering at Discovery Green Park on February 27th, with about 300 attendees. Then the tax day protests on April 15th with the big […]

Feds Mandate Texas Advertise For Anchor Babies?

BY FBCStaff-Recently I was in a store behind a pregnant lady who did not speak English very well and needed help using a WIC Card. Not knowing much about the WIC card program, I went to the web site and here’s what I discovered under eligibilty:

U.S. citizenship is not a requirement for eligibility.

Then […]

The Stealth Obama Ocean Grab

BY FBCStaff-Do not under estimate the level President Obama will stoop to kill jobs. With on flourish of his pen President Obama effectively shut down future drilling offshore, severely limited commericial and recreational fishing.

Democrats have tried and failed to pass “comprehensive” federal oceans management legislation five years in a row. The so-called “Oceans 21″ […]

Republican Party Hosts TownHall Meeting

By FBCStaff-The Fort Bend Republican Party led by Rick Miller hosted a townhall/candidate forum for a standing room only crowd at Pecan Grove CC. Chairman Miller introduced Rep Olson who fired up the overflowing room of voters with a “we’re ready to take back DC speech”. Some highlights from Rep Olson’s remarks were:

We’re here […]

Rep Olson Holds TownHall Meeting


Boehner pledged that Republicans would listen to the American people, and he tried to reach out to the different factions of the conservative base.

“We’re going to listen to […]

Feds Clear DeLay After Six Years

FBCStaff-Does Delay get his job/money/life back after 6 years?

The investigation lasted through two presidents and four attorneys general. Its demise provides a stark footnote to the lobbying scandals that helped Democrats regain the House majority they held for 40 years and lost in the Republican revolution of 1994, which eventually made the pugnacious DeLay […]

Perry Puts the Budget Into Perspective

BY FBCStaff-R. G. Ratliff of The Houston Chronicle interviews Governor Rick Perry. Gov Perry especially handled the subject of tenured Professors well:

If these folks are not being part of the productivity of the university, I’m all for not allowing them to be on the state payroll. It’s important to prioritize, which is what we […]