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Has Obama Lost The Mideast?

FBCStaff-Much like President Carter, President Obama whose intentions were good may have lost Egypt and the Mideast. Instead of delivering a message of freedom and democracy in speeches in Ankara and Cairo, he tried to forge new ties between the United States and the Muslim world. His message to Muslims was “I am one of […]

Happy Heart Attack

BY Mary Cook-A week ago my husband walked in the back door and said, ā€œIā€™m having a heart attack. Get me some aspirin.ā€ I turned off the stove, got off the phone, my friend said she would pray, and pushed MCPolice entered into my phone years ago. In the moment I forgot about 911. I […]

Chicago Mayor’s Race Update

FBCStaff-Rahm Emanuel Is back on the ballot after the Illinois Supreme Court Ruled:

“The state Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Emanuel’s favor, saying an appeals court decision that said the candidate needed to be physically present in Chicago was “without any foundation in Illinois law.””

This paves the way for the pols to select Rahmbo […]

Voter ID Passes Texas Senate

By FBCStaff-The Texas Senate has taken a step in the right direction by requiring voters to present an ID to vote.

Now we need to address other problems poll watchers have observed in the last two elections. The judicial branch has started addressing “vote harvesting”.

read more from TexasWatchDog

Court Ruling Against Emanuel Astounds Dems

FBCStaff-An Illinois appellate court panel has ruled Rahm Emanuel cannot be on the ballot for Mayor of Chicago.

“The panel ruled 2-1 that Emanuel did not meet the residency standard to run for the city’s top office.

“A candidate must meet not only the Election Code’s voter residency standard, but also must have actually resided […]

FBCGOP Hosts Lincoln Reagan Dinner

Lincoln Reagan Dinner-Friday Evening,

Jan. 28, 2011, sponsored by the Fort Bend Republican Party.

Keynote Speaker: Karl Rove.

Also speaking will be our State Republican Chair Steve Munisteri and Congressman Pete Olson.

There will be a live orchestra, auction, and dancing afterwards.

Location and time: Safari Ranch 11627 FM 1464, Sugar Land, TX 77498 7:00PM


President Obama’s Focus on Jobs

FBCStaff-in his 2009 State of the Union Address President Obama promised a laser like focus on jobs. In his 2010 State of the Union Address President Obama promised a laser like focus on jobs. I’m guessing in his 2011 State of the Union Address President Obama will promise a laser like focus on jobs. I’m […]

Crony Capitalism

FBCStaff-“Crony capitalism is a term describing an allegedly capitalist economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, and so forth.Crony capitalism is believed to arise when political cronyism spills over […]

Crime Declines In Missouri City

An in-depth Police Department analysis of major crimes committed in Missouri City during 2010 shows a 7.2 percent decrease in all offenses from 2009, the direct result of proactive prevention policies.

Overall, 333 fewer crimes were committed over the last year, a drop from 4,588 incidents in 2009 to 4,255 in 2010. And, Part 1 […]

House Repeals The Democrat Health Plan

By FBCStaff-The US House voted today to repeal the Democrat Health Plan 245 to 189. The bill now moves to the Senate where Majority Leader Reid says he will defy the will of the people and not let it come to the floor. Call your Senator today and demand Democrat Reid listen to “we the […]