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Who is Samantha Powers?

FBCStaff-As we learn more about the Obama administration, we learn who really influences the President:

“White House aide Samantha Power, a former news reporter turned anti-genocide advocate, said President Obama’s two-year campaign to promote human rights helped trigger the uprising in Libya against Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s rule.”

Samantha Power is married to a Cass R. […]

Why Doesn’t GE Pay Taxes?

FBCStaff-CEO Jeff Imelt is a big President Obama supporter and apparently President Obama likes Mr Imelt too:

He has designated G.E.’s chief executive, Jeffrey R. Immelt, as his liaison to the business community and as the chairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, and it is expected to discuss corporate taxes. The company […]

Dist 133 Rep Murphy Pushes Tax Bill

By FBCStaff-Pushing a tax that ex-Mayor Bill White tried to slip though, Rep Jim Murphy (R Houston) apparently has forgotten the Taxpayers Pledge he signed.

“Rep. Murphy’s House Bill 1454 raises taxes by changing the definition of the word “price” in sections of the tax code pertaining to hotel taxes.”

This might be a good […]

Stop It We’re Not Detroit

FBCStaff-A message to all small town mayors who want to be Czars. Detroit had a population high in the 1950s at about 2 million, but thanks to the democrat mayors it now has a robust population of 713,777, according to Census Bureau data released Tuesday. A 25% loss of population in just the last decade.


President Obama Promotes Offshore Drilling

FBCStaff-President has sent drilling companies on a 7 year timeout in the US, while promoting Brazilians to drill offshore. Drill baby drill!

“We want to help you with the technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely. And when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers.”

This […]

Farrakhan Blasts President Obama

FBCStaff-Using strong words Louis Farrakhan questions President Obama’s actions in Lybia:

FARRAKHAN: “I warn my brother do you let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world…Why don’t you organize a group of respected Americans and ask for a meeting […]

Missouri City Council Meetings

FBCStaff-Next council meeting is Monday 3.21.11. Ask your councilman if he supports light rail to MC? If he does, ask him why.

MC Calendar

Quail Valley HOA Election Results

By FBCStaff-Quail Valley HOA Election Results

The results of the Monday 14, 2011 HOA election were:

Donna Haselow- 350 votes – 3yr term

Janet Calvin – 312 votes – 3 yr term

Andrew Kayes – 299 votes – 2 yr term

Toni Mamula – 289 votes – 2 yr term – already on board

By […]

What Are We Entitled To?

By FBCStaff-Billy Graham wrote in his autobigraphy, Just as I AM:

“In all the strictness of my upbringing, there was no hint of child abuse. While my parents were strict to punish when punishment was deserved, they did not overload me with arbitrary regulations that were impossible to respect. In fact they were very open. […]

Rally Against School Cuts in Austin

By FBCStaff-

Picture of the activists at the rally in Austin. If you want to cut inflated school budgets, then you must hate teachers.