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Geithner Wants Out

FBCStaff-Treasury Sec T. Geithner wants to leave after having broken the US economy.

“Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has signaled to White House officials that he’s considering leaving the administration after President Barack Obama reaches an agreement with Congress to raise the national debt limit, according to three people familiar with the matter.”

Two things: […]

Obama Administration Reaches Out To Muslim Brotherhood

FBCStaff-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was having talks with the Muslim Brotherhood at the same time President Obama was advocating that Hosni Mubarak must leave power in Egypt. Now that there’s a void in leadership in Egypt, who will fill it?

“The Brotherhood favors a regime guided by Islamic Sharia law and was outlawed […]

Obama Administration Passes Dream Act by Executive Order

FBCStaff-The Forgotten Man shows President Obama stepping on the Constitution as Presidents Clinton, FDR, and Wilson applaud. By McNaughton @

“The Obama administration IS explicitly running an end-run around the will of people and their representative government. First Libya and now this. What’s next Mr. President?

“This is outright lawlessness on the part […]

Time for a New Constitution?

FBCStaff-More Hope and Change from the left:

“The left’s assault on liberty never rests, so don’t ever be sucked into supporting the dangerous idea of a new constitutional convention, even if its stated purposes purport to be limited.

Recently, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria spoke admiringly of how “Iceland is actually junking its own constitution and starting […]

Know Your Constitution

BY FBCStaff-David McCullough in his book about John Adams’ daily schedule at Havard University:

“The regimen was strict and demanding, the day began at 6 AM with prayer in Holden Chapel and closed at 5PM with evening prayer.”

Recently a Clinton appointed Judge Fred Biery ruled a prayer at a high school in San Antonio […]

Fort Bend County Election Results

By FBCGOP: Dear Fort Bend Republicans,

Congratulations to Bill Benton for his victory in the Rosenberg City Council Run-Off Election. Bill is one of our Precinct Chairs.

Also, congratulations to Amy Mitchell (Sugar Land District 3) and Harish JaJoo (Sugar Land District 4) for willing their respective Run-Off elections. Both are Republicans.

Key Dates/Events (find […]

Who Is Farha Ahmed?

FBCStaff-Farha Ahmed is a Sugar Land attorney running for city council. Much has been written about Ms Ahmed these last few weeks, and it’s hard to determine what to believe. The following blog has the best information I’ve seen.

“A more in-depth review of Ahmed discloses her troubling association with individuals and groups designated by […]

Rep Weiner Roasted with Certitude

FBCStaff-Rep Weiner finally admitted what we already knew: he obfuscated, lied, didn’t tell the truth. He stated he used poor judgement and made poor decisions but will not resign. Why, because he’s a democrat. Democrats are in the process of imploding as the Obama administration is exposed as incompetent, less than forthright, and in many […]

Yes We Can Say Amen!

FBCStaff-A Clinton appointed Judge Fred Biery’s ruling barring prayer and the use of words such as amen in valedictorian Angela Hildenbrand’s commencent address, was overturned by a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruling.

“A federal appeals panel ruled Friday that a judge here was wrong to bar public prayers from today’s graduation ceremony at […]

Do Republicans Need An Agenda?

FBCStaff-Anyone who follows politics knows the democrats have an agenda and republicans are basically reactive. Whenever a democrat gets elected we are overwhelmed with “new” programs, ie. The New Deal, the Fair Deal, the Great Society etc. Whenever we elect a republican they spend all their time trying to correct all the damage done to […]