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Phil Stephenson Announces for HD 85


TO: 2012 Texas House District 85 CONTACT: Matt Minor

FR: Phil Stephenson, C.P.A. PHONE: 979-234-2877

DT: 9/12/2011 RE: Republican Primary for State Representative

“Former Republican County Chairman Enters Race for State Representative, District 85”

Former Republican County Chairman and Certified Public Accountant, Phil Stephenson, announced today he will file for State Representative, […]

Questions for Our Texas State Reps Candidates

FBCStaff-HD-26 currently has four candidates seeking the position. The newly created HD-85 has three. If you’re voting in the primary election and you need questions to determine which candidate to vote for, here’s a few.

Why are you running? The correct answer is, “I’m running to cut taxes and decrease the size of government. Most […]

Obamacare to SCOTUS

FBCStaff-President Obama is going all in letting his signature legislation go before Scotus instead of appealing the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision.

“An August decision by a panel of three judges in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals that found the law’s requirement to buy insurance is unconstitutional. “The president and solicitor general deserve […]

Jacquie Chaumette: “Legislative Wrap-Up – A City’s Perspective”

When/Where: CAFE ADOBE 9/28/2011 2329 S. Hwy 6, Sugar Land, Texas 77478 Phone: 281.277.1700 Pre-meeting get together @ 7:00 a.m. Meeting Starts at 7:15 a.m. – Sharp Please arrive by 6:50 a.m. Breakfast Buffet is available prior to start of meeting • Bring a Friend • Non-Rotarians – Learn About Rotary Serious Invitees – Your […]

Republican Agenda Surfaces During Debate

FBCStaff-How refreshing to listen to a group of grownups discuss issues without anyone being called a racist, a nazi, etc. What did surface was a Republican Agenda for the next president’s first 100 days. The Republican Agenda includes, creating jobs by doing away with Obamacare, the EPA, the Dept of Edu., the IRS, their job […]


FBCStaff-In 1936 FDR saw his chances for re-election eroding, so he hijacked the name liberal and gave it to democrat special interest groups. The far left of the democrat party then became known as liberals and he was re-elected. Liberal up to that time was short for libertarians, and was a respected term in America. […]

Bill Clinton: Obama’s Approach To The Deficit Is “A Little Confusing”

FBCStaff-Our friends the democrats are confused by the economy:

“I personally don’t believe we ought to be raising taxes or cutting spending until we get this economy off the ground. If we cut government spending, which I normally would be very inclined to do when the deficit’s this big, with interest rates already near zero […]

Texas Teacher Calls Tea Party President A ‘Nazi’

FBCStaff-When having a discussion with progressives and it doesn’t go their way:

“After the president of the group affirmed his support for the laws governing illegal aliens in the schools, Mr. Bryant just couldn’t contain himself. He decided to levy a “Nazi” charge”

This is how discussions with most progressives end. The proper response after […]

Lee Duggan Running for State Rep in the New HD 85

FBCStaff-Harvey Kronberg’s Quorum Report has Duggan running for the new HD 85 seat.

Duggan joins Matt Minor in the race for HD 85.

Quorum Report click on the daily buzz, scroll down to 9/2011 PRESS RELEASE SECTION HEADLINES

The Biggest Ponzi Scheme on Earth

by Milton Friedman The conventional wisdom regarding Social Security is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how the system does—and does not—work. Nobel laureate and Hoover fellow Milton Friedman explains why it is time to end Social Security as we know it.


The journalist Michael Barone recently summed up the conventional wisdom about reforming […]