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Rep Barney Frank is Retiring

FBCStaff-Rep Barney Frank announced his retirement from the US House. He stated he did not feel up to another hard fought campaign and was choosing to retire instead.

Does this signal that democrats are losing ground daily with the voters and are simply unelectable? Texas which holds a 101R to 49D advantage in it’s legislature […]

Phil Stephenson, Candidate for State Representative HD 30

Fellow Patriot,

It’s time for Texas to get its books in order!

You are invited to meet CPA, PHIL STEPHENSON, Candidate for State Representative HD 30

This Tuesday the 29th of November at:

Another Time Soda Fountain 800 Third St. Downtown Rosenberg 4:00 to 7:00PM

Abbott Seeks Emergency Stay on Interim House Map

FBCStaff-Atty Gen Abbott seeks an emergency stay before candidates begin filing on Monday. Citing Judge Smith:

“The majority “produced a runaway plan that imposes an extreme redistricting scheme for the Texas House of Representatives, untethered to the applicable caselaw.”

Judge Smith goes on to say that imposing the majority plan “is grave error at the […]

Gabriel Blows His Horn on the UT A&M Rivalry

FBCStaff-The football rivalry that began in 1894, ends today:

“An era comes to an end in Texas this week, as The University of Texas Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies play what will definitely be their last gave for several years, and possibly their last game ever, ending one of the most storied in […]

Democrats and Redistricting

FBCStaff-Justice Orlando Garcia of the San Antonio District Court is married to the sister of Democrat Senator Leticia Van Putte. Sen Van Putte wrote an editorial stating:

“Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, head of the Senate Democratic Caucus, cited legislation to ban so-called sanctuary cities that she said “will bring shame to this state,” and […]

Texas AG Blasts Court’s Redistricting Maps

FBCStaff-The Atty General issued a statement on the court issued redistricting maps:

“A court’s job is to apply the law, not to make policy,” Abbott wrote in his objection to the proposed House map. “A federal court lacks the constitutional authority to interfere with the expressed will of the state Legislature unless it is compelled […]

Redistricting in Ft Bend County

FBCStaff-The new House redistricting maps handed out by the San Antonio Dist. Courts have been puzzling to many in Ft Bend County. The core of the voters who make up HD 26 have been stripped out and moved to other districts. The Quail Valley and Sugar Creek communities have been moved to HD 27 to […]

San Antonio Court Proposes Speaker Reelection Map

FBCStaff-Robert Miller is chair of Locke Lord’s Public Law section and is listed in Best Lawyers in America for Government Relations Law. He writes an interesting article at his blog:

The three judge panel proposed interim redistricting maps for the Texas House and Senate late yesterday and gave the parties until Noon today to file […]

Does The Rule Of Law Even Matter Anymore?

In the era of entitlement, political correctness and topsy turvy politics, is it any wonder that the rule of law went out the window? Notice, I didn’t blame Obama for this because although he’s certainly an instigator he wasn’t the first to set the dominos in motion.

Speaking as an American of Hispanic heritage, who […]

Looting Democrat Style

FBCStaff-The looters have been lining up in the Obama Administration, from Solyndra to the Kennedys:

“President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy, Jr., netted a $1.4 billion bailout for his company, BrightSource, through a loan guarantee issued by a former employee-turned Department of Energy official”

From insider trading to tax payer bailouts,Peter Schweizer in his […]