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Ad Attacking Rep Larry Taylor By McCaig PAC Fails

FBCStaff-Recently we questioned Ft Bend republican Mark McCaig’s conservative credentials. Rep Taylor charges a newly formed group by Mostyn’s law firm associate, Mark McCaig, “Conservative Voters of Texas” ran an attack ad against Rep Larry Taylor and got this response from Taylor:

Trial Lawyer Front Group Misfires

by Texas State Representative Larry Taylor Friday, April […]

A Message To President Obama from We the People

Long live the Tea Party!

A video you must watch: watch video

EPA’s “Philosophy” is to “Crucify” and “Make Examples” of US Energy Producers

FBCstaff-This has already made the rounds but I have some first hand knowledge of the EPA. I’ve been involved with the EPA as an officer in a company in the environmental industry and as a consultant to the EPA. Some like EPA Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz have the attitude “there is no amount of […]

Morality Play in Local Politics by The Fort Bend Independent

FBCStaff-The attacks on the Fort Bend Republican Party and it’s ex-Chair Rick Miller are a fixture at the Fort Bend Star. Praising some candidates while spreading rumors about other candidates are fairly typical, and we’ve come to expect it. Most of us just shrug and say, “consider the source.” While that certainly is a mature […]

Rep Ron Reynolds Arrested

FBCStaff-Last week we had to endure another Bev Carter rant against the republican party and it’s leaders. I wonder if democrat Rep Ron Reynold’s arrest will even get a mention in her paper?

Rep Reynolds was selected as outstanding freshman representaive by the democrats, despite having 7 ethics violations, his law license suspended twice and […]

SD 17 Meet and Greet at Fuzzy’s Tacos

All Senate District 17 Grass Roots Team Meet and Greet at Fuzzy’s Tacos 4875 Hwy 6 Missouri City, 77459 Wednesday, May 2 5:00- 7:00 pm

You are invited to a Senate District 17 event hosted by your SREC rep honoring our current and new members of our grass roots team! Meet your precinct chairmen, delegates […]

Liberals/Moderates/Conservatives in the Republican Party

Political Activists Disagree on Conservatism

FBCStaff-If you can’t beat conservatives, then you change the definition:

“Most Texans identify themselves as conservative in opinion polls, and the conservative brand is clearly strong, proven by the number of politicians who embrace the label. Yet, there appears to be growing disagreement on what being conservative means, and how […]

Republicans More Open Minded Better Informed than Democrats

FBCStaff-A new study from Pew concluded:

The Pew survey adds to a wave of surveys and studies showing that GOP-sympathizers are better informed, more intellectually consistent, more open-minded, more empathetic and more receptive to criticism than their fellow Americans who support the Democratic Party.

“Republicans fare substantially better than Democrats on several questions in the […]


The Houston Galveston region is expected to be home to 4 million new residents in the next 30 years. Where will those residents live? How will this change affect quality of life? How will they get around? The Houston Galveston Regional Plan for Sustainable Development is an important chance to look forward and find ways […]

City of Missouri City Redistricting 2012


According to the 2010 Census data, the City’s councilmember districts are not of sufficiently equal population and must be redrawn in order to comply with the “one-person, one-vote” principle established by the U.S. Constitution.

The Missouri City City Council is considering new boundaries for its councilmember districts […]