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The Bev Carter and Jacquie Chaumette Relationship

FBCStaff-I’ve been puzzled by the realtionship between Bev Carter and Jacquie Chaumette, after Bev attacked the republican party in a series of recent article, calling them racists for not supporting President Obama’s policies. But I mainly wondered why Jacquie Chaumette didn’t defend the republican party? So I started doing research and it appears the Bev […]

The Campaigning Has Started

FBCStaff-The first Chaumette campaign email blast comes out negative. Will it set the tone? I was hoping the runoff would be issues and not mudslinging:

Friends and Supporters,

After Tuesday’s primary election, it’s official: I will be facing an opponent known for ugly politics. And, if the negative campaigning in the past is any indication, […]

You Can’t Spend Money You Don’t Have

FBCStaff-Republican Representative Mike Bost responds to a move by democrats to shift the tax burden for pensions:

GOP state Rep. Mike Bost flew into a rage after leaders of the Democrat-controlled General Assembly submitted an 11th-hour plan to overhaul the state’s pension fund that excludes Chicago residents from sharing in the financial burden…

The bill […]

Voters Send Message in Primary

FBCStaff-First message, the Tea Party is a force and the second message is stop the out of control spending:

“There will be plenty to analyze from last night’s primary election results, but one thing became immediately clear: GOP Primary voters continue to overwhelmingly support spending limits on state government.

For the fourth election cycle in […]

Republican Primary Dewhurst-Cruz in Runoff


Dewhurst couldn’t close the door on Ted Cruz garnering 44.5% to 34.2% of the vote, runoff.

Rep Olson wins easily with 76%

Cristi Craddick in runoff with 37.7% to Chisum’s 23.76% for RR Commissioner

Barry Smitherman in runoff with 45.06% to Greg Parker’s 31.58% to serve out Jones term as RR commissioner.

Don Willett […]

Are Elections-Vetting Processes or Popularity Contests?

FbCStaff-The vetting process as described by the Cambridge online dictionary is the detailed examination of a person’s past, political beliefs, etc. in order to discover if they are suitable for a government job which might involve dealing with secret information. Voting is a right when not exercized responsibly can bring with it, undesirable consequences.

So […]

Mark McCaig Pac Misleads Voters

By FBCStaff-Mark McCaig’s Pac got it wrong:

The site created by the Conservative Voters of Texas PAC,, blares in big type, “Why did Larry Taylor give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants?” Taylor is among three Republicans and a Democrat seeking to represent Senate District 11, southeast of Houston.

Mark McCaig, president of Conservative Voters […]

HD-85 Race Update

From: Merle R Hudgins, County Chair Wharton County Republican Party Re: Duggan Headquarters Derogatory Statements Against His Opponent Phil Stephenson in District 85 Representative Race

I am a charter member of the Wharton County Republican Party and currently serving as its County Chair . I have been active in its operations, especially during the years […]

The Wall That Heals @ Sugar Land Memorial Park

4th annual Memorial Day Ceremony Date: Monday, May 28th 2012 Time: 10 am – 1 pm Program Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am Location: Sugar Land Memorial Park, Sugar Land

2012 Memorial Day Ceremony Program

The Wall That Heals will be at Memorial Park in Sugar Land through Memorial Day

Builders Host Fund Raiser For Sonal Bhuchar

FBCStaff-After Jacquie Chaumette voted against the apartments in Sugar land, Johnson Developement withdrew their support and moved over to support Sonal Bhuchar:

Sonal Bhuchar May 14 Huge thank you to Allen Boone Robinson LLP, Greater Houston Builders Association Home-PAC, and Johnson Development for hosting a lovely reception in honor of my candidacy for House District […]