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What Happened to the Ft Bend Missing VRCs?

FBCStaff-Two zip codes voter registration cards seem to have gone missing, but no one seems to know how or why. Zip codes 77406 and 77494, Pecan Grove and Cinco Ranch are missing. The Fort Bend County Elections Administrator said the cards were delivered to the post office, the post office said they were delivered but […]

“Our Problem is He’s a Bad President”

FBCStaff-Republican Marco Rubio a national hispanic leader captured what the voters know:

“Our problem with President Obama isn’t that he’s a bad person,” Rubio said. “By all accounts, he, too, is a good husband, and a good father … and thanks to lots of practice, a pretty good golfer.”

The crowd laughed.

The killshot followed […]

What Do Gov John Kasich, Gov Chris Christie and Gov Scott Walker have in Common?

FBCStaff-First and foremost they are republicans. 2nd-they all inherited huge deficits after getting elected; Gov Kasich 8 Billion deficit, Gov Christie 11 Billion deficit, Gov Walker 3.2 billion. Now after enacting spending cuts and standing up to unions all three have surpluses in their rainy day fund.

However, President Obama and Speaker Joe Straus say:


Republicans Have Something to Cheer About

FBCStaff-After 3 1/2 years of negative messages from the Obama Administration the republicans told the nation “there is a better way.” The delgates and the viewers watching responded positively.

“The potential future first lady and the blunt-talking New Jersey governor capped the second day of the Republican National Convention with a pair of much-anticipated […]

This is Why You Can’t Discuss Issues With a Liberal Democrat

FBCStaff-Liberal Democrats can only view issues from three perspectives, race, gender and sexual orientation. They simply cannot see any issue other than through this prism.

“Priebus responded, “Look at the spending, he said he’d get the debt under control. Where are we at?”

“What’s this got to do with Europe and this foreignization of [Obama]?” […]

Some Republicans Don’t Play the Game

FBCStaff-You say politics shouldn’t be a game? You’d better tell that to democrats who play politics like it’s a blood sport. When you see a democrat under fire for mispeaking or misdeeds, the democrats and the media almost always rally around them. But when the media portrays a republican as mispeaking or for misdeeds, fair […]

“I Think Bill Clinton Is a Great Leader But I Don’t Want My Daughter Near Him”

FBCStaff-As the democrats rachet up their cries of “the GOP has a war on women,” they invite President Bill Clinton to speak at their convention. Let’s look back to what Sen Claire McCaskill said:

“I think he’s been a great leader but I don’t want my daughter near him.”

Once again the media and the […]

The Seals Removed One Threat to America

FBCStaff-A billboard by Tom Schad in Gainsville, Texas is garnering national attention. It reads:

The Seals removed one threat to America Remove the other in November

He does make his point.

watch video

Due to Hurricane Issac Presidential Voting Will be Held on Two Different Days

FBCStaff-Due to the unfortuate event beyond our control, Hurricane Isaac, the Presidential Election will be held on two different days. Every effort must be and will be made to ensure that voters are not disenfranchised:

Michelle Obama, speaking yesterday at a campaign event in Florida:

“So that one new voter that you register in your […]

A Call to Arms to Fort Bend Conservatives

FBCStaff-This is an email I received from Barbara Carlson. She has joined the Ft Bend Star and will be representing the conservative veiwpoint.

A Call to Arms to Fort Bend Conservatives

We are at the tipping point of enacting Republican Bylaws that are not good for Fort Bend. It is crucial that you attend the […]