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This Election is About Racism

FBCStaff-Liberals think that this election has nothing to do the economy, President Obama’s policies, or out of control spending in DC. To them it all comes down to skin color:

“Baylor University assistant professor Mia Moody did a study of social media stereotyping of Barack and Michelle Obama; her findings appeared in the journal New […]

Democrats Want To Spend Rainy Day Fund

FBCStaff-Democrats say we must spend the rainy day fund:

“That’s what the fund is for,” said Rep. Jose Menendez, D-San Antonio.

At a recent legislative hearing, Deputy State Comptroller Mike Reissig said the fund is growing rapidly thanks to the booming oil and gas industry. Money for the fund comes from oil and gas taxes.


Gov Perry and Lt Gov Dewhurst Push for Stricter Constitutional Limits

FBCStaff-The battle lines are drawn Gov Perry and Lt Gov Dewhurst are calling for stricter constitutional spending as Speaker Straus and democrats call for spending of the rainy day fund:

“Gov. Rick Perry renewed his call for a stricter Constitutional spending limit for Texas’ state budget ahead of the upcoming legislative session. The governor was […]

Speaker Straus Takes Shot at Dick Armey and Freedom Works

FBCStaff-Freedom Works is endorsing Bryan Huges for Texas Speaker prompting these remarks:

“Texas House Speaker Joe Straus dismissed former U.S. House Majority leader Dick Armey as “some former congressman” when asked Tuesday about Armey’s group endorsing his challenger.”

Freedoms Works supports a conservative speaker:

“FreedomWorks said Monday it’s backing state Rep. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, for […]

Media Knew Obama Story and Didn’t Report It

FBCStaff-In 1979 Vernon Jarrett wrote a story about a wealthy benefactor for Barack Obama:

“Early Obama critics will remember the particularly bizarre case of Percy Sutton, a leading African-American Civil Rights leader and entrepreneur who, while being interviewed on a New York area news program, dropped something of a bomb. Specifically, Sutton claimed that then-candidate […]

Why Democrats Love their Education

FBCStaff-Democrats love to promote education even though many who graduate have no hope of having a career:

“It’s not enough that Gee is easily America’s highest-paid president of a public university. It’s all the other trappings of sultanhood that come along with his $1.9 million a year salary. As the Daily News reported this week, […]

Never Forget the Democrats Are The Tax and Spend Party

FBCStaff-Democrats are known as the tax and spend party for a reason. Under the democrat Congress led by LBJ the US tax rates were:

Revenue Act of 1964 Individual Tax Rates. Reduced individual tax rates (top rate dropped from 91% to 70%). Corporate Tax Rates. Reduced top corporate tax rate from 52% to 48%.

Do […]

Tx Rep Simpson Optimistic About Upcoming Session

FBCStaff-The upcoming legislature session looks very promising for real policy changes:

“Passing a budget is going to be simpler than last time,” the Longview Republican said, noting better-than-expected sales tax revenue and other hopeful fiscal news mounting as the session approaches.”

Despite dire predictions by democrats and trumpeted by the media there will not be […]

How Far Will DOJ Go to Block Voter Roll Purge?

FBCStaff-Many states are trying to remove dead and illegal voters from the voter rolls but are being blocked by the Atty Gen led DOJ:

“Florida filed a lawsuit against DHS to gain access to the database. The Justice Department sued to block Florida’s voter-purge program, arguing that it violated federal voting rights laws. Once a […]

“The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetuated on the American People”

FBCStaff-Clint Eastwood said it and now the Washington Examinor is reporting it:

The Obama you don’t know

“But beyond the spin and the polls, a starkly different picture emerges. It is a portrait of a man quite unlike his image, not a visionary reformer but rather a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding […]