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Rick Miller Needs To Buy an AD

FBCStaff-The Ft Bend Star has a vendetta against republicans and especially HD-26 candidate Rick Miller. Republican nominee Miller called Ft Bend Star reporter Elsa Maxey to set the record straight and relayed the facts about what he knew about Bruce Fleming. The Star choose to ignore the facts and instead printed this message to Miller:


Dirty Energy Makes Dirty Weather

FBCStaff-Nope he just won’t go away, he’s found a scam that keeps on bringing in the bread:

“Hurricane Sandy is a disturbing sign of things to come. We must heed this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis. Dirty energy makes dirty weather.”

“Dirty energy makes dirty weather.” Don’t you just love it?


Voter Tsunami Coming

FBCStaff-Its been building since the democrats shoved the stimulus bill down the voters throats and ex-Speaker Pelosi forced the Obamacare bill upon the voters on Christmas eve two years ago with her famous words, “we must pass this so we can find out what’s in it.” Do you remember what then happened in 2010? We […]

‘Democrat Of The Year’ Convicted Of Felony Theft’

FBCStaff-When I read this headline I thought Texas Rep Ron Reynolds HD-27 had gotten national headlines. Truth About Ron

But no it was just another democrat caught stealing from a blind disabled old lady:

“The victim is partially blind, developmentally disabled, has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. She is on a […]

Rep Larry Taylor Releases TWIA-Ike Litigated Claims

FBCStaff-The Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency TWIA, has spent a staggering $1.2 billions on Ike related litigated claims. Leading the pack is lawyer Steve Moyston with $352,560,183.00 and Rep Craig Eiland with $40,132,375.00. Mark McCaig an associate at the Moyston firm runs a PAC called Conservative Voters of Texas funded by Moyston has attacked Rep Larry […]

There Are Some Lines You Just Don’t Cross

FBCStaff-The quote is “all is fair in love and war” and some say politics, too. But there is a line that you don’t cross that some seem to lack the discernment to recognize:

“If Virginia and Florida go back to the Republicans, it’s the Confederacy,” Sullivan sneered. “Entirely. You put a map of the Civil […]

Fort Bend Moderates or Malcontents?

FBCStaff-One group calls themselves “moderates” another group calls themselves “independents”, who are they and what do they have in common with the democrats?

Let’s look at Ft Bend County, in the early 90’s Texas and Fort Bend switched leadership from democrat to republican. What happened to the democrats in elected office? Many simply switched party […]

President Obama Has To Show ID To Vote

FBCStaff-POTUS has to show ID to vote but his DOJ has been fighting Texas Voter ID law. If voter ID is already the law of the land, why would the DOJ be against it?

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Early Voting Has Started and The Lines Are Long

Vote straight R to hold down the waiting in line.

Why You Should Vote A Straight Republican Ticket

FBCStaff-Bev told us why she didn’t think you should vote a straight R ticket and she also told us she voted for both D candidates in the HD-26 and HD-27 races. I would advise you to not follow her advice because voting in both the HD-26 and 27 races are illegal. Now let me explain […]