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Get the Progressives, Unions and the Feds Out of Education

FBCStaff-Give a bureaucrat a perfectly sound working process and they will “modify” it to benefit themselves, then say “it’s for the kids.”

“Ms. Parks admitted to Mr. Hyde that she was one of seven teachers — nicknamed “the chosen” — who sat in a locked windowless room every afternoon during the week of state testing, […]

What Does Easter Mean to You?

FBCStaff-Easter as holiday means different things to us. Christians celebrate Easter as the day Christ arose from his earthly grave.

“About 60 percent of Americans say they intend to go to church for Easter Sunday, with 70 percent of Catholic Americans and 92 percent of practicing Catholics saying they will attend services.”

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What One Thing Will You Do Will Improve the Quality of Education in FBISD?

FBCStaff-What one thing will you do as superintendent will improve the quality of education in FBISD? Is the question the FBISD BOTs should have asked the candidates for superintendent. The newly picked superintendent Charles Dupre has the certifications but lacks the qualifications for FBISD.

The Mayor of DC ran on the platform of firing Chancelor […]

Why Bev Has a Crush On Craig and Other Happenings in Ft Bend

Some never advance beyond the state of emotional maturity they reach in high school, and the rest of mature into grownups. How else can you explain President Clinton ruining his presidency for a tryst with an intern? If that wasn’t immaturity perhaps it was clouded judgement. Either way it ruined his legacy.

Likewise, I’m […]

Women and the NRA SFRWC Presents George Pond

Spirit of Freedom Republican Women’s Club Presents

Women and the NRA George Pond NRA Advancement Officer, Central Gulf (TX,LA)

Friday, April 19th 11:00-1:00pm *Sugar Creek Baptist Church Chapel at 13213 SW Freeway (entrance next to dealership) A light lunch will be served courtesy of Fort Bend County Precinct 4 Commissioner James Patterson. Meet and greet […]

Democrats Gone Wild

FBCStaff-Loved this post by MQS

By: Michael Quinn Sullivan March 26, 2013

It’s been a really bad month for the mostly irrelevant Democratic Party in Texas.

The media narrative was how carpet-bagger Jeremy Bird, an Obama-nut organizer, was moving to Texas and launching “Battleground Texas” that would turn Texas blue. All the northeastern media was […]

Bill to Aid Prosecution of Child Sex Assault Cases Passes Senate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jeff Hillery, Communications Director March 26, 2013 512-463-0117 ~

Bill to Aid Prosecution of Child Sex Assault Cases Passes Senate

AUSTIN—State Sen. Joan Huffman’s Senate Bill 12 has unanimously passed the full Senate and now heads to the House for consideration. SB 12 allows evidence of prior similar sexual offenses […]

ObamaCare is One Stop Shopping Big Government

FBCStaff-When you sign up for ObamaCare you can also register to vote.

“The 61-page online Obamacare draft application for health care includes asking if the applicant wants to register to vote, raising the specter that pro-Obama groups being tapped to help Americans sign up for the program will also steer them to register with the […]

Texas Rep Ron Reynolds Charged in Alleged Kickback Scheme

FBCStaff-Democrats want to bring back the good old days of a Democrat run Texas:

“HOUSTON — Dozens of law enforcement officers simultaneously raided multiple law offices and two chiropractic clinics Monday morning for their alleged involvement in a kickback scheme to sign up clients, according to an I-Team review of court records.

In all, arrest […]

Woodlands Tea Party Goes After SA Mayor Julian Castro

FBCStaff-The Tea Party continues to show republicans how to fight democrats:

“Texas Ethics Advisory Board


Mayor, eight City Council members Investigated for Over 1000 Violations of Texas Election Law

In an official response to nine Sworn Complaints, the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) has notified most members of the San Antonio […]