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First Annual “Show Me City Ride of Pride”

FBCStaff-If you had too much turkey, want some exercise or to have some fun, the First Annual “Show Me City Ride of Pride” is December 1st:

Continuing its commitment to quality community programs, Missouri City, in partnership with State Senator Rodney Ellis, is set to host its First Annual “Show Me City Ride of Pride” […]

‘Santa’s Slaves’ and the Unionization of Walmart

By the only conservative blogger in Ft Bend-Unions have Walmart squarely in their sights with 500,000 jobs created annually:

The odds of getting into one of the top American universities are about 1 in 10. American workers view Walmart in the same way as high school seniors view American colleges: last year 5 million Americans […]

Happy Thanksgiving Day

By FBCStaff-There are 6 sub-species of wild turkey in North and Central America. They are the:

Eastern Wild Turkey Rio Grande(Texas and Oklahoma) Merriam’s Osceola or Florida Gould’s South Mexican

read more about turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey.

Thanksgiving Message from Rep Miller

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

It has been a great honor serving as your State Representative this past year. On this special day as we gather with our families to celebrate and give thanks, I think it is also important that we also remember that our lives as Americans and Texas would not be possible without the […]

‘Is Progressivism Too Big to Fail?’

FBCStaff-The progressives control the democrat party and their failures show the fallacy of their policies. One being “bigger is always better.” While economy of scale may work for certain business practices it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to big government and its controlling mandates. Americans lose when the government picks winners and […]

MC Bond Committee to Present Recommendations to Council

By FBCStaff-On December 2nd Bond Committee Chair Reiter will make a presentation to city council.

“Initial Committee recommendations to date are as follows: ◾$6.5 million for drainage projects ◾$8 million for public safety—construction of Fire Station #6 and the expansion of the Public Safety Center ◾$10 million for City Hall; would include funding for a […]

Rice Study Says Missouri City Most Diverse in Houston Area

By the most conservative blogger in Ft Bend-The infatuation with Sugar Land continues:

Jenny Densmore Bailey

“SL gets a lot of PR is this article. No mention of MC. Think about that next May.”

Some completely missed the intent of the story published under a NY Times heading. It’s a story by Corrie […]

Do You Believe in Equality?

By FBCStaff-Of course we do. Your perspective on equality may determine your political affiliation: Should equality be for opportunity or outcome?

“Conservatives might not enjoy Tocqueville’s praise of economic and social equality as key to the success of the American experiment, but with some thought, you realize that Tocqueville is giving us a welcome way […]

Some Serve and Some Complain

FBCStaff-Missouri City saluted those who serve their community last Tuesday night. While some continued to complain:

“Howard Moline The other night some friends and I were eating at a Mexican restaurant on Hiway 6 near the entrance to Sienna. It was about 630PM and I was astonished at the line of cars trying to […]

Missouri City Honors Its Volunteers

By FBCStaff-Missouri City has been recognized as one of the Top One Hundred Cities in the U. S. Missouri City’s Mayor Owen, Mayor Pro-Tem Wyatt, Councilmen Emory, Nguyen, Smith, along with City Manager Ed Broussard and staff recognized the contributions of volunteers at the City Center.

The event was well attended as the city […]