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Are You Finally Ready to Show Up Stand Up and Speak Up?

FBCStaff-We know illegals are voting in our elections, maybe enough to change the out come. Now we know the e-slate machines have been rigged in two states to change the vote when cast.

“Even though election officials in both highly Democrat Party controlled states have claimed the “calibration error” excuse, a software developer and expert […]


Deron Harrington’s letter to the FB Star

“I wanted to follow up to your recent commentary “The Importance of the FBISD Bond Election”. I appreciate you taking the time to research the issue and applaud you using the Fort Bend Star in a responsible manner to highlight the importance of this bond referendum to our […]

Should Non-Citizens be Allowed to Vote?

FBCStaff-The US Constitution says no.

“Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections. Non-citizen votes could have given Senate Democrats the pivotal […]

Missouri City HCC to relocate to Lexington?

FBCStaff-The Missouri City HCC branch located in Sienna is being revisited for relocation to Lexington Blvd. next to City Hall.

“Two vacant tracts totaling about 45 acres sit on either side of the Lexington Boulevard extension near City Hall, which officials have targeted for the possible relocation of HCC–Missouri City. “These sites have some great […]

Campaign Sign Stealing a Capital Crime?

FBCStaff-The malcontents are angry because ex-BOT Bruce Albright hasn’t been prosecuted or hung for stealing campaign signs.

Yvonne Larsen

If a District Attorney doesn’t prosecute the theft of property when a knife is NOT involved, will the use of a knife make the DA take another look?

This is the scenario in Harris County from […]

Missouri City Golf Course Projected to Turn a Protin in 2015

By FBCStaff-After being on the left side of issues for many years the Fort Bend Star seems to be making an effort to right the ship. The left leaning rants of the Star was the main reason I started this blog was to refute many of the outlandish assertions f of the Star. With positive […]

Missouri City City Manager Update

National Night Out A Huge Success Missouri City just recently celebrated National Night Out on October 7th across the city. The evening started at the Target store on Highway 6 where there were games, food and fun to be had by all. City staff then divided forces and visited over 60 registered block parties. Police […]

Early Voting Starts 10/20/14

FBCStaff- Early voting sites and hours of operations: click on link FBC Elections

To find your sample ballot, go to the voting locations and find your precinct number and down load the sample ballot for your precinct.

Fort Bend Conservative recommends you vote for all republican candidates.

Prop 1 vote No We’re taxed by the […]

Who Sits on the Ballot Board?

FBCStaff-We know the democrat chair’s wife does. Do we have a republican who will keep an eye on her? Democrats knew their hands were tied with the voter ID, even though they tried with a last minute illegal ruling from an Obama appointed judge. That was quickly found to be unconstitutional. They have sunk a […]

Does Allfrey Want to be Wrong? You Betcha!

FBCStaff-Liberals do love to make over the top accusations to draw attention to themselves. I recently noted a recent column on the FBISD bond was a good, a fair, and an informed piece followed by this outlandish comment a local wannabe politician made about it:

“Kris Allfrey So Michael how much advertising are we going […]