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Atty Gen Holder’s Legacy?

FBCStaff-We know why Loretta Lynch was chosen to replace Atty Gen Holder, she brokered an $8 million settlement against Mayor Giuliani and the NYPD.

But what will Atty Gen Holder’s legacy be? We know he was impeached by the US House. But do we know about the Wall Street coverup he managed while Atty General?


How Dangerous Are Liberals?

FBCStaff-We know who liberals are, but what we don’t know is how far are they willing to go to control us while trampling our liberties.

We know the new owners of many hi-tech companies are friendly with democrats. Face book can now predict how you will vote based on your face book profile and your […]

So Why Can’t Democrats Win in Texas?

FBCStaff-It has been 20 years since Ann Richards got a gift from Clayton Williams. The morning was foggy and as the candidates and the media sat around after having a huge Texas breakfast courtesy of the candidate, Clayton cracked a joke about the morning fog. The media jumped on the story and swept Richards to […]