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Missouri City to Roll Back Tax Rate to Comply with Texas Local Government Code

By FBCStaff: Missouri City posted this on their website: “Proposed FY2018 Budget July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

In accordance with the Texas Local Government Code Section 102.005(b), this budget will raise more total property taxes than last year’s budget by $1,773,544, which is a 5% increase from last year’s budget, and of that […]

Democrats Need to Rein in the The Rage

By FBCStaff-In the aftermath of the shooting of Majority Whip democrats need to scale back the identity politics. From Democrat Camille Paglia: “Some background is necessary. First of all, I must make my political affiliations crystal clear. I am a registered Democrat who voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary and for Jill Stein […]

Uniformity not Diversity

By FBCStaff-The democrat’s agenda of identity politics divides it does not unify.

In the Sugar Land runoff election a supporter of the democrat candidate alleged racism.

“Hillary Goldstein

Vote for Q because ALL PEOPLE MATTER.

Not just some like the RACIST HATEFUL REMARKS MADE TODAY BY HIS OPPONENTS SUPPORTERS? I can’t even repeat what was […]

Informed Voters Weren’t Fooled by Identity Politics

By FBCStaff-The democrats have not won a statewide election since 1995 so they are turning their efforts to local muni and school boards. There were two elections that affected all of us, the mayor’s runoff in Plano and the run off for city council in Sugar Land. In both races the democrat candidate was presented […]

McCutcheon Wins Big in Sugar Land Council Race

By FBCStaff-Carol McCutcheon wins runoff race for COUNCIL MEMBER, DISTRICT 4 CITY OF SUGAR LAND: Carol McCutcheon 57.27% 1,304 Qaisar Q. Imam 42.73% 973 Total 2,277

Where Did Fort Bend’s Texas Representatives Rank on the Liberal/Conservative Scale?

BY FBCStaff-The Texas Tribune did a ranking of all 150 Texas Representatives and the Fort Bend Representatives are ranked about the same as they were last year.

Democrat Ron Reynolds was ranked # 17 Reynolds, Ron D -1.61 Democratic Center.

Republican John Zerwas was ranked # 70 Zerwas, John R -0.40 Less Conservative than 2/3 […]

James Dickey Elected Chair of Texas GOP

By FBCStaff-AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott released the following statement congratulating James Dickey as the next chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. “I want to congratulate James Dickey on being elected to lead the Republican Party of Texas,” said Governor Abbott. “I also want to thank Rick Figueroa for his candidacy and for his […]