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Alt-Right or Identity Politics Pushing Hate/Violence?

FBCStaff-The MSM says: “Rumors circulated all week. Details were scant. No time or place was certain, but the word was that white nationalists and supremacists coming to town for Saturday’s Unite the Right rally had a Friday night surprise. They were going to march in a torchlight procession — a symbolic gathering meant to evoke […]

GOP Has Quorom For Speaker Meeting

FBCStaff-Have Texas Republican Representatives finally found a back bone? Or will they try to rally around and protect Speaker Straus?

“When the House Republican Caucus meets to discuss a plan to pick the next Speaker of the House, a quorum will be attending and likely more, according to a well-known grassroots activist.

“Ladies and gentlemen, […]

Missouri City to Build Shate Board Park

By FBCStaff-Missouri City to build skate board park. “Missouri City City Council members approved a $57,450 contract July 17 with Austin-based SPA Skateparks for design work on a skate park to be located in the city.

The contract includes site selection, engineering, design, surveying, bid and construction management, according to meeting documents.”

You might […]

Sugar Land Faces Budget ShortFall

By FBCStaff-With a mall generating a huge windfall every year admin officials felt like the good times would never end. In 2011 Sugar Land Council built a baseball stadium using sales tax revenue and passed a $99,000,000 Certificate of Obligation. ““The stadium will be funded with a portion of sales tax revenues that may only […]

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Will Missouri City Fix My Driveway, Too?

FBCStaff-Missouri City has implemented a terrible policy of repairing sidewalks damaged by tree roots. In District C, First Colony Community Association has a policy of requiring oak trees be planted between the sidewalks and the streets. In most cases there simply isn’t enough room for a large tree causing sidewalks to be unlevel. The City […]

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Will Increasing the Minimum Wage Usher in the Age of Robotics?

By FBCStaff-I know my democrat Texas State Representative really doesn’t want to double the minimum wage he just wants to make points with his base. “The industry could be ready for another jolt as a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour nears in the District and as other campaigns to […]