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FBCGOP Picnic Scheduled for Oct 15th

FBCStaff-Click on the link for information:


Missouri City District C’s Enigma

By FBCStaff-Missouri City District C has been known for placing sidewalk repair above all other issues including drainage. One District C resident Howard Moline seems to be confused on which issue he supports:

“Sidewalk repair has been an issue for First Colony-Missouri City residents for at least five years. During most of this time, Elackatt […]

Diversity is a Liability Not an Asset

FBCStaff-If unity is a coveted trait of success why do some celebrate diversity over unity? “America is experiencing a diversity and inclusion conundrum—which, in historical terms, has not necessarily been a good thing. Communities are tearing themselves apart over the statues of long-dead Confederate generals. Controversy rages over which slogan—“Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives […]

Judge Hebert Updates Debris Cleanup for Ft Bend

By FBCStaff-Judge Hebert informed us the debris cleanup was scheduled to begin the weekend of Sept 9th. Here’s an update from Judge Hebert: “This is the county’s temporary debris site on Harlem road. It, and a second large site on Sienna Parkway south of Sienna Springs, are our two primary sites for temporarily storing debris. […]

Are You a Legal Wizard?

FBCStaff-I’ve never met a lawyer who didn’t think they knew everything about just about everything.

Kris isn’t a lawyer, just a wannabe lawyer: “Kris Allfrey No official rain gauge in the entire Houston area recorded 52 inches of rain from Harvey which makes the Mayors Statement false. I do not care how much you cheerlead, […]

Democrats Make Abbott’s Visit About Race

FBCStaff-It isn’t enough the Guv Abbott appointed a democrat to oversee a commission to rebuild Ft Bend County, it has to be about race too. My Tx Representative posted this on facebook:

“This evening Governor Greg Abbott visited Fort Bend County to announce the creation of the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas to oversee the […]

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Fort Bend County contractor to begin debris collection this weekend

From Media Relations Specialist III Cory Stottlemyer, City of Missouri City-“NEWS FLASH: Fort Bend County’s debris contractor will makes its first of three storm debris collection sweeps this weekend in MCTX. Each sweep will take place every two weeks. Use the attached images to help separate your piles for easier & successful debris pickup.

Construction […]

Can Missouri City’s Decline Be Stopped

FBCStaff-Missouri City was one of the better managed cities in the area for a long time but the democrats have taken over council. The democrats sitting on council refuse to listen to the citizen’s committees often voting against the committee’s recommendations. I. E. the charter committee recommended the city keep their elections in May, the […]

Allfrey is Correct Missouri City is in Decline

FBCStaff-In Kris’ latest rant he tells everyone the reason he is leaving Missouri City is because the city in decline: “Kris Allfrey I am really amazed about how naive many Missouri City Residents are. Many that have responded supporting leadership have lived in Missouri City for less than 5 years but even with the short […]