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Missouri City Council no Longer Listens to voters

FBCStaff-Missouri City Elections are being held and one of the props is about the date the election is to be held: “Proposition E changes the words in the Charter to make them consistent with City Council Resolution No. R-16-32, which changed the election date from May to November.

Will the City go back to a […]

John Zerwas Files for Texas Speaker of the House

FBCStaff-Speaker Straus has announced he will not file for reelection leaving the Speaker’s position up for grabs. ” John Zerwas, R-Richmond, filed within minutes of Straus’ announcement. ”

Insiders think Straus will be running for governor. Can Straus get enough democrats to crossover and vote for him to win the republican primary?

Shaping up […]

A Corrupt Judicial System

FBCStaff-Would you commit a crime if you knew there would be no accountability? “Travis County prosecutors have dropped their criminal charges against state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, saying Monday that a felony case against the state lawmaker should never have been brought.

The announcement ends a months-long legal saga in which Dukes was accused of […]

Corrupting Our Institutions

FBCStaff-Some not only choose legalism over right and wrong they push the envelope. The Clinton Foundation was described by NY Times OP-Editor Columnist Maureen Dowd as legal graft. What does that mean? It means they use loopholes to skirt the law and in certain cases blatantly disregarded rules and regulations. When we as a society […]

Right and Wrong as Opposed to Legalism

FBCStaff-I spoke to a political consultant about his tactics of placing his candidate’s sign next to an incumbent in the last Missouri City election. He was attempting to deceive voters into thinking the incumbent supported his candidate when they didn’t. His response was, I didn’t do anything illegal.” For some of us legalism has become […]

Missouri City Election to Determine Future of the City

FBCStaff-For the first time in the city’s history the Missouri City election will be held in November. Early voting runs 10/23 thru 11/03.

The Charter Review Committee recommended against moving the election from May to November but the Council voted 4-3 to move the election to November by resolution, R-16-32. Two of the Councilmembers Smith […]

Serve and Protect or Generate Revenue?

FBCStaff-You as a tax payer might think you’re paying for a police officer to serve and protect you. But unfortunately that isn’t how some politicians think: “Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella has recently been talking about the city getting “maximum productivity” from its employees in order to increase the revenues. ” Some politicians see taxpayer funded […]

Is Kris Allfrey a Threat to the Community?

FBCStaff-On a local neighborhood community board there was a discussion about sharing golf cart paths with pedestrians and Kris went on the attack: “Kris Allfrey, Quail Valley Thunderbird·9m agoNew It is the figurative lying bastard child of King Owen. What’s it like to be a nobody that sucks up to a classless King? Must be […]

Democrats See Opportunity to Divide in 2018

By FBCStaff-Democrats are looking for opportunities to divide Americans in 2018:

“With Republican Senate primaries from West Virginia to Montana promising to pit Trump-inspired insurgents against more mainstream candidates, Democrats are considering ways to step in and wreak some havoc. The idea: Elevate the GOP’s most extreme option in each race, easing Democrats’ path to […]

Democrats Plot To Take Over Again

FBCStaff-Democrats say this time they really mean it. “If everything works out like Texas Democrats hope, 2018 could be a throwback to 1990, the last time they won the governor’s office.”

Democrats just don’t get it. Identity politics are devisive.

“At the recent Texas Tribune Festival, at the end of the “Democratic Playbook” panel […]