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The Art of Obfuscation and lower taxes

FBCStaff-The republican party stands for two things smaller government and lower taxes. When we forget these two things are the basic tenets of the party we lose elections. I’m amused when I see a self serving politician describing themselves as the most conservative candidate in the race and then they come out against a property […]

Style Vs Substance

FBCStaff-It is OK to support the candidate of your choice that is how our system works.

I prefer and try to make my decisions based on facts, choosing the most qualified candidates based on research, face to face conversations and observation of behavior. Others may choose a myriad of other reasons to support a candidate; […]

Sen Huffman Saves Houston From Bankruptcy

FBCStaff-The Houston Chronicle when endorsing Sen Huffman said her bill saved Houston from bankruptcy. That is good news for all of us including Ft Bend County.

click on link for a message from Sen Huffman:

Dear Friends, Early Voting in the Republican primary continues through March 2nd, including this weekend! You can vote early […]

Houston Chronicle Endorses Sen Huffman

FBCStaff-The Editorial Board of the Houston Chronicle admitted Sen Huffman was doing a great job: “State Senator, District 17: Joan Huffman

State Sen. Joan Huffman has been on board for some pretty bad bills, but it’s hard to overlook her herculean efforts to resolve the city of Houston’s formidable pension problems. That and a sense […]

Why We Need Cliff Vacek as Fort Bend County DA

FBCStaff-I’ve been watching the DA’s race and I’m concerned. We have a choice of electing a DA that will determine the future direction of the office. We’ve recently seen first hand what can happen in Harris County. In a turn out the voter push the democrats were able to elect a trial lawyer to run […]


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Early Voting in Ft Bend Starts Feb. 20th

FbcStaff-Early Voting starts 2/20/18 click here for locations and schedule:

Ft Bend Conservative looks for the most qualified. If there are two or more quality candidates then the most conservative prevails. I don’t work for any candidates, or the government or take money for ads. I’ve researched, met and visited with most candidates so […]


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FBCGOP Lincoln/Reagan Dinner a Success

FBCStaff-Those that attended the FBCGOP were treated to top tier speakers, a few surprises and a well organized event. With Ag Commissioner Sid Miller handling the MC duties and Senator Ted Cruz celebrating the huge win in DC, the FBCGOP Lincoln/Reagan Dinner was a smoothly ran and entertaining event.

One of the surprises of the […]

Senator Huffman Earns Texas Humane Legislation Network Award

FBCStaff-Senator Joan Huffman was recognized by the Texas Humane Legislation Network for her advocacy and support during the 2017 legislative session. “The Texas Humane Legislation Network and Houston PetSet on Tuesday will honor local animal welfare advocates for the passage of a bill that strengthened statewide animal cruelty laws for violent animal abusers.”