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Missouri City Concerns Finally Comes Out of the Closet

FBCStaff-Democrats love to spread hate by saying the republicans are angry old white men who have a war against women, are racists and homophobic.  This is very effective with low information voters.

Missouri City Concerns helped the democrats in the last muni elections by spreading the democrat’s hate message against republicans. They have finally come out of the closet and admitted they are like minded with the democrats:

Kris Allfrey Charlie is the cancer that is killing the Republican Party. It is angry old white males like him that make the Republican Party repulsive to many. Great job Charlie you are achieving what the Democrats have wished for years and you are doing it from within the very party you claim to be promoting.
Kevin Tunstall Leslie, let me be very clear. Those folks, including the “not so conservative blogger” a.k.a. Mr. Blabaway, who support the mayor and the buckeroos, should simply trade in their “red shirts” for white sheets and a hood.
Yvonne Larson Charlie is a misogynist.
If you claim to be republican, and want to represent the republican party by being a delegate to the state convention, why use the democrat’s message of hate?
Charles Krauthammer said “the voters are made up of 22% liberals and about double are conservatives.  Who are the remaining 34%?  They are called swing voters and consist of moderates, the uninformed and progressives.
Moderates are fence sitters or appeasers and celebrated International Appeaser Day 10/10/14.
The uninformed are simply the low information voter, what else needs to be said?
That leaves us with the progressives who often take up space in the republican party.  They align with the republican establishment and the democrats against social conservatives usually made up by Christians and the Tea Party.
Missouri City Concerns is a cancer.  They consist of libertines, progressive reformers and like minded democrats.

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