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Early Voting Starts 10/20/14

FBCStaff- Early voting sites and hours of operations: click on link FBC Elections

To find your sample ballot, go to the voting locations and find your precinct number and down load the sample ballot for your precinct.

Fort Bend Conservative recommends you vote for all republican candidates.

Prop 1 vote No We’re taxed by the state and feds.  Both misuse the taxes collected for “other projects” the feds send taxes collected from Texas to fund foolish projects like the Kerry/Kennedy boondoggle the “big dig.”  Both Kerry and Kennedy personally profited from our tax dollars.  Tell your confressman no more money.  Tell the feds stop sending Texas dollars to democrat states.

FBISD Bond  vote Yes  The FBISD is the making of the past several superintendents and BOT’s lack of fiduciary responsibility.  Help Supt Dupree  clean up the district and it’s our job to elect competent BOTs.  If they don’t want to be there, or aren’t doing the job get rid of them.  Its your money.

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