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Who Sits on the Ballot Board?

FBCStaff-We know the democrat chair’s wife does. Do we have a republican who will keep an eye on her?
Democrats knew their hands were tied with the voter ID, even though they tried with a last minute illegal ruling from an Obama appointed judge.  That was quickly found to be unconstitutional.  They have sunk a ton of money into the mail in ballots where ID isn’t required.

” And since y’all raised a hunk of the money to do the mail-ballot program, I want to protect your investment.”

Investment?  But who will keep an eye on her? Remember the hanging chads when democrats tried to steal the election from Bush in 2000.

Democrats have increased mail in ballots by a gazillion percent and will try to use that to turn Texas blue.

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Democrats call it protecting their investments most would call it LBJ II

Democrats don’t mince words when it comes to stealing elections.  They readily admit they steal elections, but choose to call it election fraud instead of voter fraud.  Get ready for some angry democrats and massive election fraud.  I’m just afraid the republicans running the state party and the FBCGOP may have helped just a little too much.


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