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Missouri City Golf Course Projected to Turn a Protin in 2015

By FBCStaff-After being on the left side of issues for many years the Fort Bend Star seems to be making an effort to right the ship.  The left leaning rants of the Star was the main reason I started this blog was to refute many of the outlandish assertions f of the Star.
With positive well researched and written articles about the FBISD bond and Missouri City Golf Course:

“Missouri City’s acquisition of the Quail Valley Golf Course was one of the biggest developments in the city’s 58-year-history, and one of Mayor Allen Owen’s proudest accomplishments in two decades in office.”

read more from the Star

After the first full year of operations, the course only lost $300,000, and not over a million dollars as the malcontents alleged.

The refurbished course has enhanced home sales in Missouri City, proving the mayor and council made the right decision in purchasing the course.

I would retire but I have one more group of malcontents making false assertions I want to expose to the residents of Ft Bend County.

One poster is addlepated and may be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s:

Jim White let me give my honest opinion…. bully is often someone who uses his or her position or influence to intimidate or manipulate others… When they dont like something that is not on their agenda or fits into their “box” they tend to retaliate rather than facing the problem or comments head on…. On facebook ,, its called blocking… In politics government officials verbally abuse citizens.(Ive heard it at MC council meetings).. These folks hit and run…. they are not man or woman enough to stay and conduct a debate… sort of like,,, “Its my ball, Im going to take it and go home”

Bless his heart, Jim a huge fan of candidate Chris Preston. He even carpooled several hundred of his neighbors to help Preston win.  I won’t say I told you so…..but.

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