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Campaign Sign Stealing a Capital Crime?

FBCStaff-The malcontents are angry because ex-BOT Bruce Albright hasn’t been prosecuted or hung for stealing campaign signs.

Yvonne Larsen

If a District Attorney doesn’t prosecute the theft of property when a knife is NOT involved, will the use of a knife make the DA take another look?

This is the scenario in Harris County from just the other day.

Remember when Fort Bend District Attorney Healey would not prosecute the person who tore down and destroyed the campaign sign of FBISD Trustee candidate Kris Allfrey?

Kris Allfrey I am sure you do Mr. Sudhalter because it appears you do very little research before writing them. Your lack of knowledge in the FBISD Bond Package is very telling since you gave it a raving endorsement on the front page. I guess the community didn’t rely much on your reporting because they are still going at it over on FBISD Concerns. Mr. Sudhalter personally you and I get along fine but professionally I believe you have under estimated the political establishment in Fort Bend and you need advertising dollars to survive. That in and of itself leaves you in a very unique situation that is neither bad nor good unless you decide money and readers are more important than news and reputation. Just a suggestion you may want to just stick to your printed newspaper and leave Facebook alone, it is not helping you. IMHO.

Kevin Tunstall I am assuming those endorsements are contingent on advertising revenue by the vendor welfare recipients. Your tax dollars at work and our sorry excuse for “media” in the armpit of Texas.

Michael Lee The DA will probably stall until the statute of limitations expires. Michael Sudhalter the public wants to know what the DA is doing. Investigate, analyze, and report the facts. You are new to this area? Investigate the Stafford Ice House murder. I understand there were 6 perpetrators. How many were indicted? The public wants to know if the DA is earning his pay.

Are they still angry about the Star printing this?

Now people up and down the street are calling each other, emailing and comparing notes about what a man calling himself “Jim” has done. Meanwhile the real Jim Young snapped the picture included in this column of the purported “Jim” who has been identified as Chris Calvin, a Pecan Grove resident who has been barred from living in Sienna by the courts and supposedly can not live in any Larry Johnson development anywhere in the whole world. I guess that would make me bitter too.

Every time Missouri City has an election, Mr. Calvin stirs up as much trouble as he can, accusing everyone but himself with a lack of character. This is the same Mr. Calvin who had a blog and created several different bloggers to keep talking to each other. It was quite amusing to read. Talk about multiple personalities. Mr. Calvin gave them a home on his blog.

read more from the Star

Chris Calvin working for Kevin Tunstall was caught stealing his opponent’s signs by Bev Carter.

This is simply a group of juvenile malcontents fighting among themselves using tax payer monies.  Albright was in Tunstall’s group until they had a falling out.  Or is it?  Is this destructive juvenile behavior or has it moved past that stage?

Wisely DA Healey has chosen not to take the case forward, and he shouldn’t  Not one more penny of tax dollars wasted on this senseless foolishness by a group of immature malcontents.


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