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Missouri City HCC to relocate to Lexington?

FBCStaff-The Missouri City HCC branch located in Sienna is being revisited for relocation to Lexington Blvd. next to City Hall.

“Two vacant tracts totaling about 45 acres sit on either side of the Lexington Boulevard extension near City Hall, which officials have targeted for the possible relocation of HCC–Missouri City.
“These sites have some great opportunities,” Esch said. “We are looking to increase the temporary or permanent population along this area [to] create an opportunity for events and other activity.”
City officials have been looking at ways to redevelop Texas Parkway for several years by making the corridor more attractive to prospective developers and tenants. Various concepts—such as a possible charter school, a technical college, a multifamily development and a youth sports complex—have been reviewed, he said.
“We believe there was potential for development along Texas Parkway by relocating [HCC’s] entire campus here,” Esch said. “We believe it is a potential catalyst project. This is an opportunity that would provide significant capital investment.”

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This is a smart move as it makes the campus more accessible and should increase enrollment and utilization.

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