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How Dangerous Are Liberals?

FBCStaff-We know who liberals are, but what we don’t know is how far are they willing to go to control us while trampling our liberties.

We know the new owners of many hi-tech companies are friendly with democrats. Face book can now predict how you will vote based on your face book profile and your posts/comments. The Obama phone’s that you paid for are being used to send text messages to their base to urge/tell them how to vote. The day after the loses Tuesday President Obama knew who voted and who didn’t turn out. Does he also know of those who did vote how they voted?

History tells us what happens when liberal’s like George Soros manipulate the economy of a country for monetary gain. They created the federal reserve bank to control the money supply and fund groups like planned parenthood to control the undesirables in society, through abortions and other insidious means.

Now the liberals have access to hi-tech systems that can be used in elections to benefit themselves and control their base.

Liberals/progressives are dangerous because they will let nothing stand in their way to control the voters, including the US Constitution.  This president has no respect for America, us or the constitution.  The next two years are being called the most dangerous for the US since the civil war.

You should not vote against or protest vote, that is what dems do.  Have a system that improves the candidates we pick to represent us.  I use the Buckley system.  First, know the issues and where the candidates stand on the issues.  Second, under vote or skip a race where neither candidate is qualified or conservative. Third, always vote for the most conservative candidate, don’t be misled by progressives who pretend to be conservative.  Vote always vote, even when it hurts.  This is how we defeat liberals and liberalism.

The pushback started this election, are you ready to stand up for your liberties in 2016?

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