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Take Back Austin by Getting Involved Locally

By FBCStaff-I’ve received an email from the Republican Party of Texas telling us the that Lt Guv Patrick and Sen Cruz are in danger of losing and they need money now.
First their elections are next year, we currently have ongoing muni and school board elections.  We seriously need to invest more into local elections. Everyone says they are a republican, even the democrat that founded the Sugar Land democrats. He showed up recently at a Republican EC meeting to elect a new Chair. His political consultant denied knowing why he was there.

Second if republicans are in trouble in Texas it is because of “leaders in the party like Speaker Straus.” Speaker Straus’ tactics use democrats and some progressive republicans to thwart Lt Guv Patrick’s agenda. The democrats are too weak in Texas to win anything and it isn’t them you should fear. Instead we need to hold those accountable who do not serve us but serve their own self serving interests.

I encourage you to learn the candidates.  See which candidates are using political consultants that work both sides of the aisle, spreading disinformation to deceive voters. I. E. the political consultant that told his democrat candidate to show up at a republican EC meeting. The consultant was trying to deceive republicans into thinking his candidate was one of them. Why do republicans keep hiring this guy?
In the school board elections find out which candidates supports the democrat agenda of anti school vouchers. If a candidates will not put a child’s education before the interests of teacher’s unions, the bureaucrats running our schools, or their self serving interests; they are not a conservative they are a big government progressive. Find out which candidates are against slowing the growth of taxes another democrat agenda item.  What may be hurting the republican brand in FBCGOP is the lack of leadership.  One school board candidate is against vouchers and capping taxes.  Both issues are party planks in the democrat party and the FBCGOP endorsed the candidate.  This has to be confusing to the party loyalist.  Why have a party platform if candidates can ignore it and the party leaders endorses them?
A recent study showed we are now paying more in taxes than we are paying for food, clothing and housing combined.

We can take back Austin, by getting informed and involved.

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