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Don’t be Confused by Democrat and Republican

By FBCStaff-Some politicians use labels to deceive voters so they can win elections.
Today we inundated with labels by the media, ie left, right which is not the same as the far left or far right. Then we have progressives, socialists, social and fiscal conservatives. This is done purposely to confuse and deceive.
Forget the politicians and media spin and look at where the politicians stand on the issues.  A couple of quick observations about emotional intelligence and self serving politicians.  Democrats and progressives often confuse liberalism with intelligence and we seldom meet a lawyer who doesn’t think they know everything about everything. Lawyers are trained to look at issues from a worst case scenario and not the most pragmatic.
Second don’t fall for wedge issues, ie abortion, racism, misogyny et al.
The issues are lowering vs raising taxes and smaller vs larger government.
Here’s a good read, a report on the Political Process by Sidney M. Milkis from the Heritage Foundation.

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