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Study Shows School Choice Works

By FBCStaff-If studies show that school choice works why are so many elected officials against school choice. There could be several reasons:
1. They get campaign donations from teacher’s unions and are lobbied hard by bureaucrats from school districts.
2. They put their interests ahead of the education of children.
3. They are democrats or progressives who feel the school districts must be served before the education of children.

A recent study shows:
“The evidence in favor of the positive benefits of school choice grew considerably stronger this month with the release of a new methodologically rigorous evaluation of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program is a school voucher program in Washington, D.C. set up by Congress, which provides students with scholarships to attend private schools of choice.”

The evidence shows vouchers work but many elected officials are clearly not on board.  What will it take to get elected officials to put education first?

A side note:  After many discussions with candidates claiming to be conservative, they are either totally clueless or dishonest with themselves about being conservative.

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