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Will the Progressives Trick the Voters in Ft Bend and Grab a Seat?

By FBCStaff-Yes if a few things happen:
First, if the FBCGOP sticks to the status quo and does not challenge the democrat’s game plan and continues to endorse progressives.
Second, if the democrats can deceive voters into voting for them.
Democrats are tired of losing in Texas and have a new focus, winning at the muni and school board elections. It is called Project Lift and has been active since January of this year.
“The training sessions are:
Dallas/Fort Worth: Saturday, February 18th
(RSVPs are full, but you can attend online.)
Fort Bend County: Saturday, February 25th
Bell County: Saturday, March 4th”

Muni and school board elections are supposed to be non-partisan so democrats hope to use that to their advantage.

Also democrats want to move our muni elections to November ensuring low voter turnout in the May elections. They hope this will give them an advantage.

The democrats have a political consultant who’s speciality is deceiving voters. Known for placing his candidates signs next to incumbents to fool the voters into thinking the incumbent supports his candidate, etc. With low turn out this type of deception may sway enough votes to make a difference. He used it in the 2016 Missouri City muni election and the race was decided by 9 votes. Why would any republican hire this guy?

Democrats must use deception as their agenda of higher taxes, anti school vouchers, sanctuary cities, and larger government doesn’t appeal to the majority of voters. As Seshadri Kumar Editor for Ft Bend Independent said in his article dated 4/26/2017 “School Board Candidates barely differ on issues.” Could it be because none of the candidates are conservative? One has to wonder why some republicans are running on higher taxes, anti school vouchers, and larger government? These are progressive values and one also has to wonder why the FBCGOP would endorse them?

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