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Why Local Elections Must Be Held Separately

By FBCStaff-Capitalism Vs Socialism was on display at all levels of government yesterday.
First and foremost President Trump laid out his tax cuts letting you keep more of the money you earn. By reducing the restrictive regulations of a progressive(regressive) tax system, capitalism will grow the economy allowing you to keep more of the money you earn.
Second, SB-4 passed 93-54 in the Texas House, effectively blocking sanctuary cities in Texas.
A gross oversimplification but it makes my point.  Socialism just doesn’t work. But what is really important is this allows tax dollars to be used at the local levels instead of being sent to Austin or DC to let the bureaucrats use them to buy votes. By allowing the tax dollars to be spent locally, you have more control over how the money is used.  This will not stop the politicians from trying to buy votes but it is easier to fight at the local level.  It is up to you to get involved.  Getting involved doesn’t mean hiding behind a keyboard and criticizing locally elected officials it means serving on committees, attending meetings, and becoming informed.
Third, the Missouri City State of the City program showed how government functioning as it should, can be more effective than sending your tax dollars to Austin or DC.  Austin and DC cannot burden local governments with unfunded mandates and other bureaucratic red tape if we don’t let them.
That was the original intent of our government.  The most effective use of government, is strong local government and limited federal government.
We must fund our local needs muni and school districts first.  It is critical our muni and school board elections be held separately so you can get informed and understand the issues.  You must demand they be separate.  Now you get involved locally.

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