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2017 Election Results Ft Bend County

By FBCStaff-With Missouri City muni elections moving to November voter turnout was apathetic for the Ft Bend County muni and school board elections. The turnout was down 47% when compared to 2016.
In 2015 election year in Ft Bend muni and school board elections 14842 votes were cast.In 2016, 20,820 votes were cast. In 2017 11,093 votes cast. This is 27% lower than 2015 and 47% lower than 2016. If that trend doesn’t concern you take a good look at FBISD Position 4 race, The incumbent received 2654 votes and the two democrats received 2724. If perennial candidate Rodrigo Carreon isn’t in the race to syphon off votes from democrat candidate Rose Gilliam democrats may have gained another seat. Democrat candidate Rose-Gilliam managed to make it a close race even without campaigning.

Those who were opposed to moving the muni elections cautioned moving the elections to November would cause low voter turnout.

In some other local contests Mayor Elect Republican William “Bill” Benton captured the mayor’s race in Rosenberg with 56.6% of the vote.
In Sugar Land District 4 Carol McCutcheon and Qaisar Q. Imam are in a runoff. Burnett ran a weak campaign and finished last.
The turn out was so low that Prop 1 for CAD 10 received 2 votes and Cad 11 received 1 vote.
Ft Bend County Election results:

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