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Should One Be Able to Vote in a City’s Election Where One Doesn’t Reside?

By FBCStaff-We’re used to seeing different views on voting.  Some are for and some are adamantly opposed to voter ID.  Some believe that anyone should be able to vote; illegals, felons, the dead and some are opposed.  It is called having a different perspective.

I occasionally peek in on some of the zany comments posted at the Missouri City Concerns FB page to get a different perspective.  The comments range from the usual inane to the over the top absurd complete with juvenile name calling and some are hysterical. This one caught my eye:

Deirdre Gilbert-Dickson

Missouri City will not allow Sienna Plantation residents living in an ETJ to vote in municipal elections, but that’s going to change Greater Coalition for Justice, Department of Justice will be meeting on Monday May 15th. I requested their assistane on voting. Voting is a right. Don’t you think that everyone should have the right to vote regardless to where you live? Why would a city, place residents in an area, deny them the right to vote but make all decisions and tax residents in the process? A form of gerrymandering in its finest.”

Several posters tried to explain that you have to live with in a city’s boundaries to vote in their elections but she wasn’t listening.  While I’m not sure who in the city,”placed her in the area, taxed her and denied her the right to vote?”

But she wasn’t through, she then played the race card:

I’m mystified that anyone could believe if you do not live within a city’s boundaries they could vote in that city’s elections.  But I do acknowledge that many feel they have the right to vote in more than one state or vote more than once.

It isn’t rational but I supposed it is one’s perspective and how they view things.

Should be an interesting meeting Monday morning @ 10 am Missouri City City Hall email her @ if you want to attend.



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