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Independence Day

By FBCStaff-Independence Day is the day the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. What does independence mean to you? We are born with the ability to understand right from wrong.  But the clear distinction between morals, ethics and legalism has been blurred by the breaking down of our culture and values.  Some insist we need man’s laws to tell us how to live our daily lives. While many do not feel the need to be controlled by government.  Obviously we need a constitution to remain united as a republic, but do we need to be over regulated?  Many regulations do not fall within the guidelines of the constitution but are designed to control our behavior.

This is the great divide in our great country.  It led to great debates among our founders and it perplexes us today.  We must be ever vigilant to those who falsely mislead us with fake news, rewriting history and threats of violence.  How did it become  acceptable to use the IRS for political gain against conservative groups?  How did it become acceptable to allow Planned Parenthood to receive taxpayer funded dollars and make political donations?  How did it become acceptable to use taxpayer dollars to fund an agenda? In 1792 Sec. of State Jefferson used tax dollars to fund an editor of the National Gazette to vilify Treasury Sec Hamilton.

Treasury Sec Hamilton favored Federalist’s policies that used government to fund projects, while Sec of State Jefferson was enamored with the French Revolution and La Liberte.  Jefferson was adamantly opposed to any kind of authoritarian rule and prescribed to the ideology of smaller government, no taxation and self governance.  Jefferson rightly insisted we keep the Bill of Rights or we would go the way of Europe with the larger cities dominating our elections.  Our Bill of Rights have been watered down with regulations written by unelected officials, known as the deep state.  Hamilton was later killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.  Burr had been replaced as President Jefferson’s VP and was running for Gov of New York. Hamilton’s death combined with Jefferson’s defeat of John Adam led to the demise of the Federalist party.

Our nation was politically divided then and it is divided now, we will always be divided.

James Taranto writes in the WSJ:

“If there’s one thing Americans of all political stripes can agree on, it’s that the country is divided—bitterly, dangerously, perhaps irreconcilably riven. “It shows up in very cinematic fashion, in things like the Scalise shooting,” says historian Allen Guelzo. “So we jump to the conclusion: Oh my goodness, does it mean we’re on the brink of civil war?”

Our political parties push agendas of diversity and social change through government programs vs personal liberties.  We must ask ourselves do our politicians represent us or are they career politicians benefiting from our tax dollars.  Then we must exercise our right to vote.

Our duty is to find common ground when we can, stay vigilant, be informed, honor our history and stand up for our values as we fight for our independence.  If we value independence we must demand we stop the over regulation of our liberties.

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