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Speaker Straus Receives vote of No Confidence

FBCStaff-Gov Abbott has been going around Speaker Straus and reaching out to other republicans in the legislator to move his agenda forward.  Couple that with Straus receiving a vote of no confidence from his hometown:
“With a special legislative session he has little use for just days away, House Speaker Joe Straus got a vote of no confidence Monday night from the county Republican Party in San Antonio, his hometown.”–regional-govt–politics/bexar-gop-wants-straus-replaced-speaker-for-lack-party-fidelity/ohb1WTlQ6jq2OmI4ycnCYJ/

One has to wonder if the majority in Texas will finally be represented?  After attending several meetings where our representatives do not recognize or represent Texas values, we are being told we doing it all wrong and we need to be more like Houston, Austin or Dallas. We need to send a loud and clear message to our elected officials.  We expect them to respect our party platform and represent us the ones who put them there.  Also we don’t want to be like Houston, Austin or Dallas.

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