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The Real Reason for the Redistricting Fight

FBCStaff-To keep Texas under the control of the DOJ ran by career bureaucrats:
“Federal redistricting litigation is unlikely to ruin the Republican majorities in the Texas House or the state’s congressional delegation. But Republican overreach might give Texas Democrats the next best thing: powerful leverage the next time the political maps are drawn.
The latest round in the seemingly endless legal proceedings over the state’s maps for legislative and congressional districts resumes this morning in San Antonio. Three federal judges are deciding whether the state’s maps are illegal and need some changes. But there are only two major elections left — 2018 and 2020 — before the next Census comes out and new maps are drawn by the state Legislature.
The maps in use in 2020 will elect the lawmakers who draw the maps for the decade that follows. And here’s the thing: Unless there’s a political earthquake, Texas Democrats won’t have a majority in that mapmaking Legislature no matter what a court decides later this year.

That is correct,  the republicans will still be drawing the maps in 2020.

“What they’d really like to get is a ruling that puts Texas back under federal preclearance, which would require the state to have the permission of either the U.S. Department of Justice or the federal courts before making any changes to election and voting laws. If the courts conclude, after all of the appeals have ended, that the state intentionally discriminated in its mapmaking or, in another ongoing case, in changing its voter ID laws, preclearance is one possible remedy. That could create a serious obstacle to Republicans hoping to cement their current numbers with new laws and maps.”

It had nothing to do with redistricting.  SCOTUS ruled parts of the Voting Rights Act no longer applied and Texas did not have to ask the DOJ for approval on everything the lege did.  The democrats have lost their DOJ stranglehold over Texans and they want the Voting Rights Act back.

Texas is no longer under the control of a DOJ corrupted by career politicians.

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