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Four on Missouri City Council Ignore Committee Recommendations

By FBCStaff-Are citizen’s committees in Missouri City now just for show. An alarming pattern in Missouri City has emerged since Anthony Maroulis has grabbed a seat on city council. As you may recall Marlouis was not elected to council but arranged a swap with a seated council member.

Immediately after taking his seat Marlouis voted with the other three democrats against the Citizen’s Charter Review Committee’s recommendations to keep Missouri City’s muni elections in May. Instead the four voted to move the city elections to November without allowing for citizen’s input.


“During the October 17, 2016, Regular City Council meeting, Councilmembers voted 4-3 to approve a resolution that will move the City’s general elections from May to November. The adopted resolution in full may be viewed here.”

So why didn’t some on the council want to follow the committee recommendations?
Democrats hope putting the city elections far down ballot will give them an advantage in the upcoming November elections.

Districts A, B, C, and D are up for election this November.  Marlouis currently occupies the District C chair on council.


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