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D & I Coming to Missouri City

By FBCStaff-Diversity and Inclusion is the new buzz word progressives are pushing on us. What does D&I mean?
“Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is the new catchphrase of today’s elite businesses and universities. Those institutions assume D&I is both a means—to excellence—and an end in itself, making them more closely resemble the larger world of which they are a part. So understood, companies from Facebook to Apple to Goldman Sachs, and academic establishments from UC Berkeley to Harvard to Yale, have found their new holy grail. Their commitment to D&I is all too often treated as a self-evident truth that none should be allowed to question in public discourse. But this new consensus for D&I, if left unchallenged, has an unintended consequence: unthinking intellectual rigidity, a malaise that all successful institutions must guard against.”
and of course the danger of this type of thinking is:
“The first difficulty with D&I is that it says very little about whom to admit and whom to exclude. Scarcity of places is a major constraint, so any institution committed to D&I has to decide whom to exclude from its community. Ironically, these institutions depend for their success on the institution of private property, which gives them the breathing room on which their cooperative activities rest. Defenders of D&I constantly bewail the bogeyman of exclusion, but no one is suggesting that these D&I stalwarts should select their new students and employees at random, in order to spare every poor soul from the heavy burden of being turned down on the merits. Institutions pursuing D&I necessarily have to adopt policies that privilege some people at the expense of others.”

Picking winners and losers does not serve the majority of citizens of Missouri City. To some in Missouri City government it means putting some minorities ahead of others. To some on council it means forcing an agenda of a few instead of what’s best for the city, i. e. moving the city elections to November. This is a slippery slope and will not be beneficial to the city in the long run.

Missouri City Council is no longer listening to committee recommendations and this does not bode well for the city of Missouri City. Council positions A, B. C, D are up for election in November. Our city is not being served well by this council.

There are two things you are a citizen of Missouri City can do.
1. Call City Manager Anthony Snipes and voice your concerns about D&I and the direction the city is headed.
2. Get out and vote. One person sitting on council did not not receive one vote last election and he made the deciding vote to move the elections to November to help implement programs like D&I.

Our city’s future depends on it.

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