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What Has Happened to Missouri City’s Leadership Luncheons?

By FBCStaff-One would think it would behove the city of Missouri City to avoid speakers who spew gloom and doom and try for speakers with a positive message. At the last Leadership Luncheon Tx Rep Ron Reynolds gave us an update from a democrat’s perspective and it was mostly gloom and doom. He then capped his talk off by reading from a democrat press release that stated:

“It’s clear, under Republican leadership in Texas and an incoming Trump administration that our economy is shifting in the wrong direction.

With Republicans like Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in the driver’s seat, Texas’ economy has plummeted from 3 to 21. “

Nothing could be further from the truth:

“Texas, the nation’s second most populous state, had the fastest growing economy in the nation in the first quarter of this year with its state GDP growing at a real annual rate of 3.9 percent, according to data released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.”

So what does the city stand to gain by misleading its citizens?  The council has taken a new direction since Anthony Maroulis swapped seats with a sitting councilman.  We deserve better and all four council district seats are up for election in November.  Hold Maroulis responsible for his actions.

Rep Reynolds will be up for election in 2018 and we deserve better.  Missouri City is not being represented well in Austin.

It is time for a change, a positive change.  Lets make Missouri City great again.


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