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Will Missouri City Fix My Driveway, Too?

FBCStaff-Missouri City has implemented a terrible policy of repairing sidewalks damaged by tree roots. In District C, First Colony Community Association has a policy of requiring oak trees be planted between the sidewalks and the streets. In most cases there simply isn’t enough room for a large tree causing sidewalks to be unlevel. The City of Missouri City implemented a terrible policy of replacing sidewalks damaged by roots in District C. Last year the city spent $1,250,000.00 in District C with a total budget of $2,400,000.00 for sidewalk repair the city.  The city normally spends about $400,000.00/yr on side walk repair as is budgeted for 2018.
Now the leadership of FCCA has decided homeowners cannot repair driveway cracks and the entire concrete pavement must be replaced.
“There’s a spirit of rebellion building among some of the 11,000 homeowners who make up the massive First Colony Community Association.The issue – cracks in driveway pavement and a hard HOA dictate that once flawed, the concrete pavement must be completely replaced and not patched.”

Will Maroulis expect the city of Missouri City to pay for driveways to be replaced also?  Democrats love to boast how they bring home the bacon or steal from other districts for their district.  But what many do not realize is that this drives everyone’s taxes up.  Where do you draw the line?  If the city repairs sidewalks, will they fix driveways, paint houses, etc.  Doesn’t the homeowner and the FCCA bear some responsibility for their bad decisions?

Missouri City is now controlled by four democrats, three(District A B and C) are up for election in November.  Maroulis did not receive one vote and has never won an election in Missouri City.  He got his seat by arrangement with a seated council member.

Send him a message, Missouri City deserves better.

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