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Do Our Elected Officials Understand their Job?

FBCStaff-We know our elected officials are elected to represent and serve us, but do they know it?
Some of our elected officials have prioritized street renaming and side walk repair ahead of essential services.
During natural disasters studies show that trees, shrubs, and vegetation cause most power outages.  The trimming of trees etc. is the responsibility of Centerpoint the company that maintains the power lines. But they often neglect tree trimming unless our city, county and state officials pressure them.

Instead of doing their jobs our elected officials are often grandstanding with issues to help them get elected, ie renaming streets and other trivial issues..  Unfortunately many of our elected officials don’t know it is their responsibility so we as voters and taxpayers must hold them accountable and remind them of what they were elected to do.  Then we have our city, county and state employees who often must follow policy from elected officials and work on the wrong things.  Instead of ensuring the companies like Centerpoint are doing their maintenance they are building sidewalks and other tasks to help local officials get elected.

Trimming the trees around a power line after a hurricane is too late.  It’s closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out.  Tell your local officials to do their jobs.

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