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What Happened to Annise Parker’s Rain Tax?

FBCStaff-With all the flooding in the area this is the appropriate time to discuss our politicians and their judgement.
“Citing the urgency of improving Houston’s roadway conditions, voters in 2010 narrowly approved Proposition 1, which implemented a “Drainage Fee” on property owners marketed as a pay-as-you-go plan to fund much needed drainage and roadway repairs. The fee is assessed on property owners based on aerial surveys of their property, used to calculate square footage of impervious cover, (typically concrete), which determines the monthly tax the property owner pays. The funds are allocated in a Robin Hood-esque priority model Annise Parker calls “Worst-First.””

so what happened to the funds?

In a 15-2 vote on July 9th, council members did exactly that: taking $31 million out of Rebuild Houston to expedite projects and resolve smaller neighborhood problems.  Of that $31 million, $6 million would be combined with $5 million allocated from a previous budget amendment to fully fund council member’s pet projects, for a total of $1 million per district.”

So the Houston politicians raided the funds for drainage and roadway repairs.  Why did I mention this?  One it reminds us of who politicians are and two a very similar thing is happening in Missouri City.  When the citizen bond committee met to discuss a city bond we listened to city personnel list their needs then prioritized the projects and assigned dollars.  The majority of the committee recognized the highest need was drainage projects and roadway repairs.  Two member were vocal and adamant for a second gymnasium, one was Anthony Maroulis.  I mention this because it shows his lack of judgement.   Four members of council have taken funds earmarked for drainage and moved the money to fixing sidewalks.  The council budgeted $2,400,000 to side walk repair with over 50% going to  District C.

This is the same thing the Houston Council did and it shows poor judgement by those who voted for it.

The area has had major flooding three years in a row diverting funds for pet projects shows poor judgement.


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