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Democrats Make Abbott’s Visit About Race

FBCStaff-It isn’t enough the Guv Abbott appointed a democrat to oversee a commission to rebuild Ft Bend County, it has to be about race too.
My Tx Representative posted this on facebook:

“This evening Governor Greg Abbott visited Fort Bend County to announce the creation of the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas to oversee the response and relief efforts between state and local governments to ensure victims of #HurricaneHarvey get everything they need as quickly as possible. Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp will lead the Commission that will oversee the rebuilding of public infrastructure — focusing on roads, schools, and government buildings in impacted communities. I spoke directly to Gov. Abbott about the specific needs of my district. I’m proud to say that Gov. Abbott assured me that he would make my district a priority! #TeamReynolds #HarveyRecovery”

and immediately drew this response:

“Cynthia A. Spooner JD Were any blacks seated at the head table or appointed to serve to your knowledge.”

Then this comment followed:

Don Bankston He lied to you. He used you. Are you going to embrace Trump next?”


So much for working together in Ft Bend County in our time of need.

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