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Are You a Legal Wizard?

FBCStaff-I’ve never met a lawyer who didn’t think they knew everything about just about everything.

Kris isn’t a lawyer, just a wannabe lawyer:
“Kris Allfrey No official rain gauge in the entire Houston area recorded 52 inches of rain from Harvey which makes the Mayors Statement false. I do not care how much you cheerlead, how many comments you make and insults you direct at me or others, it does not change the facts. NO ONE OFFICIALLY GOT OVER 51.88 INCHES ANYWHERE IN HOUSTON.”

That wasn’t what the mayor said, here’s what he did say:
“Was Houston, or any other City prepared for 52” rain, a Category 4 Hurricane, and two tornadoes? ”

What Allfrey is doing is known as hairsplitting. By focusing on a couple of words in a statement he is trying to change the meaning of the statement.  The mayor was generalizing how large and overwhelming the event was and Kris is trying to make his statement about only the total rainfall. He also tried to twist the mayor’s words and say Missouri City was unprepared.  Again the mayor was generalizing and asking was any city prepared for such a massive disaster.
Wordsmithing and hairsplitting its what legal wizards do.

I always thought they were dumpster divers.

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