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Missouri City District C’s Enigma

By FBCStaff-Missouri City District C has been known for placing sidewalk repair above all other issues including drainage. One District C resident Howard Moline seems to be confused on which issue he supports:

“Sidewalk repair has been an issue for First Colony-Missouri City residents for at least five years. During most of this time, Elackatt has been our Council Member. The repairs were needed due to upended sidewalks caused by the roots of “street trees,” planted between the sidewalk and the street.”

Moline is very clear he wants sidewalk repair to be the top issue in District C.  Anthony Maroulis’ first official act was to present a piece of cement to ex-Councilman Elackatt in recognition of his dedication to sidewalk repair.  You may remember Elackatt resigned after Maroulis filed for his seat handing the seat to Maroulis without the voters getting to vote.

In a letter to the Ft Bend Star editor Moline wrote:

“So, do we react by saying it was a very close call and go on with life or do we insist that LIDs, the city and county focus on spending our tax dollars to protect our families? Infrastructure and drainage expenditures aren’t glamorous and win few votes but they do keep our homes and properties safe. Could some flooding have been averted through the purchase and construction of better drainage, more pumps, better located pumping stations, and backup systems?

Obviously, the answer is yes. Just like our emergency services personnel, we need government agencies which will focus and train for providing flood prevention services no matter what the circumstance. We all know the importance of this now.

Missouri City, in particular, has a history of giving little regard for its infrastructure requirements and obligations. As demonstrated by this past week’s flooding, the city plainly needs more drainage ponds, more street drainage outlets, and more flood planning and green space requirements for the developers building homes within our city limits. For the past 20 years, Missouri City government has distinguished itself by paying huge amounts for recreational amenities and spending tens of millions of dollars to support a Harris County transportation bureaucracy with little return for the amounts invested. My personal opinion is that we need a better-informed and more serious attitude toward finances by both the LIDs and the city.”

Moline seems confused he praises his representative for making sidewalk repair the number one issue in District C but criticizes the city for not doing more drainage projects.  District C’s current representative not only puts sidewalks ahead of drainage this past fiscal year, he wanted to put a third gym ahead of drainage using city bond money.

Mr. Moline needs to tell his representative what he wants in District C, sidewalk repair or drainage.



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